Idealist vs realist

Is it okay to be idealist? Or should we be realist? This question often popped out in my head nowadays. There are two recent activities which made that floated in my mind.

The first one is yesterday when I drive my mom for monthly grocceries shopping.

I told her everything about my (previous) working place. I was able to explain the condition in my working place without losing my patience. I was taking my time to describe the condition from one department to another, the work colleagues issues, and many more. In the other hand, my mom was patiently listening to me and giving some comments. She was not judging me whether I was wrong or not yet she was not supporting me. Just listen to me. Thus, somehow, there were some urge inside asking me to tell her about my plan (after I decided to resigned for work).

Well, my parents quite woried about me since I resigned from my work. I didn’t tell them much about it when I decided to do it, yet my future plan. So, it’s quite normal isn’t it?

I’ll explain the second reason before discussing the main topic.

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