My first “ultra” run

This is the last sport check list item in 2017 to be cleared, and it’s a huge one too. People say close it with a bang. So I guess this is mine for 2017.

Usually I plan my sport till mid year and leave the second half for the non-sport resolution but I notice that I was slacking off, really, in 2016. So I’m trying to spread it out till end of year.

As I’m going to the event in my head the image of Valkyrie from Thor Ragnarok saying “Here we go” is getting stronger.

Pre-race thought

In my checklist, besides gears, there are others like nervous or excitement, which seems taking turns.

Preparation is something I always feel not there yet, but I take it that life is like that too. Sometimes you just need to dive in head first. Although having enough preparation will make you more confident and less injury.

Oh right.. To my friends who are taking JLPT, let’s do our best. I’ll contribute my “JLPT”.

My friend said take it easy, one kilometer at a time, which I’ll say that to myself. Many times later.

Post-race thought

I feel cheated! Because I signed up for 42.195km but it seems not only me who has distance discrepancy

Will I run full marathon again? Maybe.. I’ll give another thought after recovery

I’ll skip the drama before the race, as my running buddy like to say, every run is unique by itself. And the drama is part of the bundle.

From the start, I told myself that I don’t need to rush, it’s really tempting to run faster when the road is clear, or sucked by people around you. This is my race not theirs. So, no matter how tempting it is, stick to your plan. And it did work! Despite few stitches I had after 30km mark. I stopped for stretch and put some Salonpas. As saying said, don’t forget to sharpen your weapon.

What stressed me was to reach the 38+km before 12:30, as it was stated the cut off timing. After experiencing drama in the morning, I only flagged off around 6+. But maybe that stress gave me an extra push?

And, I did shout to 41km sign, how I love to see it. Hah!

Although I just barely made it to the finish line, the silver lining is I have the photographer to take few nice shots for me (or at least I thought so :D)

Never try, never know. And I tried.

2 bananas, 6 Gu gels, 1 Wieder jelly, 1 Gu Chomp, few Face ID problems, and countless 100Plus Active and water.. (incl trips to toilet) later, I crossed the finish line.

Yes, this post is half written pre-race and the other half is post-race. I can’t possibly write while running, right?

Playing in RPG called life

I wrote several times about playing RPG in the past, because I feel that there are similar traits between those two:

  • You have attributes, i.e. intelligence, agility, strength, etc.
  • You have missions to accomplish.
  • Each of the mission you solved will contribute to your experience.
  • When you reach certain level of experience, your level will be up.
  • The higher your level, the harder for you to accumulate experience.
  • Being in a group will help you to grow more, with guidance or mentor too.
  • Usually you will need to learn almost everything first before you take some specialization or role.

However, there is one thing that I think you can’t find in life. The feature to save and load.

My boss told me, no. You still have the option to save and load. You save it every 5 o’clock (when they day ends) and load it every morning.

I never thought of that.

It is also a reminder that, we have other life than just work.

Managing others expectation, managing ours

Managing other’s expectation is hard, but don’t you think that managing our own expectation is harder?

I found that it’s harder to manage my own expectation. One of my benchmark is I have to do more or give more than what is set for other people. For example, if someone can swim for 10 laps, I will aim 12 laps; if someone can deliver the work within 3 days, I have to be able to deliver it for 2 days.

Don’t I give unnecessary stress to myself?

Yes, in some way you can say so.
Recently I read an article written by one of my favorite blogger. He wrote about a soccer team name Barcelona (aka Barca). Barca can be named as one of the best soccer team in the world. They have great players. There are times when those players can’t perform, for example because of their injuries. Barca still able to win the game, despite they didn’t play it beautifully. (if you’re a soccer fan, you’ll know what I mean). One of the secret was Barca player practice more than the other team. By doing so, you can meet the bare minimum even though you’re not on your best.

Do I copy Barca method?

No. I just read the article recently. I guess it’s just a common sense. You stretch more so that you have a safety net.

What are the common stress when you’re using this method?

You think that you can’t do it at the early stage. Then after taking off, we will feel complacent and we think we can let loose a little. Usually something will happen and that is the kick we need to wake us up, and we start to do it again.

You’re saying you will deliver more for any kind of tasks, does that include the boring one?

Yes. Sometimes we need to lay low, and still deliver the best that we can do. How can someone entrust you with an important task if you didn’t do well in the small one. Make sense?

How do you cope with the stress you put on yourself?

It depends on individuals. But what I think, hobby will be helpful. For example I like to take photo or I like toy modeling. It draws me from my daily stress and concentrate on other. My brain is forced to think about other things. So when I get back to the whatever task I was doing, I can have a fresh mind and maybe new inspiration.

Lastly, what are the message of this post?

The message I guess, it’s good to have a high expectation, but the real challenge is not the end result, it’s how we manage it along the way. How we handle the situation, how we react, whether we change how we treat others. This is also a good way to know more about yourself.

Thank you for the interview.. Me..

Welcoming a new century

*it should be decade (thanks to Adi)

This morning, I was flipboard-ing and stumble into a very interesting article from smashing magazine. The title was “Your ego is a bad designer“, and even though it’s about web design the author message is actually applicable into broader context. After reading it, somehow it stuck for a while inside my head.

I had a thought about this before, and to be honest, I think I still have difficulties in keeping it away.

So, you can say that this post is an update of what I thought last year.

Sometimes most of the times, because we can’t get it we vent it at someone or something at different places. I’m sure everyone has experienced this kind of situation before. I’ll use myself as case study. I have a dream to be influential person in my field. However, it never happened to me because I was too easily distracted to explore new stuff. I did managed to stay interested on some subjects, for example Japanese language or web design.

There were some ups and downs which made me wanted to drop them. However, I told myself to persevere. And I managed to revive the passion again. When you talked about web design, what crosses your mind if you want to be recognized as a good web design? To do more projects in order to build up portfolio, to have some flashy showcases.

Whatever your passion is, if you’re working full time, which mean the only time you have to pursue your passion is after office hours. However what happened to me is, I just want to relax at home after having “a battle” at work.

Later on, when someone brings the topic up at work, you will feel suddenly light up and want to join it; it’s too wasted to be left out!. *Pause! You’re doing it wrong.

That’s your ego talking! Because you want it, you can’t didn’t do it on your free time for one or more reasons or maybe just pure laziness. So when an opportunity appears, you were tempted to snatch it. Sounds familiar?

Some people said that we are easily tempted by what others have not what we have. I’d say that will not happened if we know what we want, it’s not so straight forward, but it’s doable!

  • Take a moment, think about what you really want but you haven’t doing the things and keep procrastinate about it.
  • Scribble, write or draw if it’s necessary.
  • Think realistically, to make it achievable; take a smaller step but keep making progress.
  • Journal your “journey”, when you feel down, re-read it. It’s a reminder how far your journey is.

PS: You may asked why the title is welcoming a new century. The reason is I had my 30th birthday this Monday. I’m so excited to welcome a new century of my life. Thank you to all of my friends, I was overwhelmed by all birthday wishes. Through Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and iMessage. (How digital my life is huh?)

So I hope that I’d be a better person, year by year, building the way to my dream. That’s my mission this year.

Double black

Lesson of the day: Something may not as easy as we thought when we do it ourselves, but it is worth the effort to do it.

Outbound activity

Last week Saturday, my company was having a team building activity, obstacle course. The course is coded into 4 difficulties level on different sites, and there are 4 sites. Green, blue, red and black are the colors to represent the easiest to the most difficult one.

So, why is it exciting?

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