Happy 26th week

This week is a mark of half a year in 2015. Time flies isn’t it? 

I hope everyone is doing well! With all of your resolution. 

I found a little encouragement from WordPress, a reminder that I started blogging 6 years ago.  wordpress achievement
Second half of the year, please be kind to me. 🙂  

A small talk that made my day

The boy was studying for his exam when I reached home. He was only Primary 4, my land lord’s son. The helper told me that he’s inspired to study IT in the future, to be like me. (Wow!)

He added, so that he can play games while working since he will be facing computer whole day.. (Ahem.. that’s not the good motivation boy.. Or I can say, I used to think the same thing too. How I chose IT because I like to play games)

The helper added, he wanted to be able to travel to different places like when I was having some business trip (his mom shouted, why don’t you become flight attendant instead? And I heard he said, walking in plane is dangerous..)

It was a tiring day for me and this convo made me forgot how tired I was.

(I was supposedly to post this on 23 Oct, but for this and that reasons I was forgot to publish this)

To be honest with ourselves

I remember clearly that on one fine day, while I was working on my website project, one of my flatmate entered my room and asked me, “How can you build a website?”

Looking at her while my hands were typing some HTML code, and replied “Why not?”

Let me share you my story.

I’ve been playing with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, ASP, for quite some time. I admit that I’m not the best coder among my peers. I enrolled into IT faculty by accident (which I can share in different post later), struggled during my first year, but hey, I managed to be graduated on time, with a cum laude. How awesome is that?

I’m not trying to brag, but I proud of myself. I give a pat to myself that I can survive the storm. And I ended up really liking it.

My journey isn’t always with HTML. I started by becoming application developer using Borland Delphi (it’s a Pascal based) then picking up Java and followed by learning .NET. In the middle of it, I picked up HTML, CSS and Javascript not because I have a huge interest on it, but because I like to blog.

It ended up, I worked with HTML more than of those I learned before I know HTML. Even it started by accident, I found my passion. HTML and web design.

I played around with Joomla on my weekend, updated my blog layout/design, or working on projects on my spare time. Why? Simple, I like it. It has been my interest.

Remembering that, I smiled and gave my flatmate another answer, “Why not?”

So, let me ask you a question. What is your interest? What is your passion?

Remember why you are here

Recently I listened to a design talk, one of the speaker begins her presentation with a slide titled, “Remember why you are here”. And following that title, there is a sentence, “I started this field because I’m passionate about [blanks]”

This brought my memory back to a book I read in the past, a self help book on to find joy about your work.

I’m sure working can be exciting to us yet horrifying to some of us. It’s either we have bad times at work (which I don’t need to name one by one) or simply we feel like a square in a round hole, a.k.a, we feel don’t fit with what we do.

Every time we’re starting something, we are getting very excited and looking forward to experience it. But as the time goes, when the honeymoon period is over, or after we face few high walls (the wall after is somehow taller than the one we just faced). We are drained, our energy are sucked up. This is suck, it’s not working for me any more, I need a new one, I quit!

Whoa! PAUSE!

Everyone of us arrive in the place wherever you are now, because we chose it to be there. We are living in the modern world where we have all the choices, unlike the people before us. (I like the way the speaker summarizes this). The generation before us, maybe, they don’t have choices. They just work to provide their family.

Anyway, there must be some reasons what encouraged us to be at the place we are at. But when you asked yourself, we vaguely can remember those reasons. All the things that creates some sparks inside.

So, where all those that drive us gone?

  1. Often, we let what happen around us drive us. We allow it, whatever it is, to pollute our inner voice.
  2. Or we don’t confident enough to be ourselves, because people around us are playing politics, so we also need to play it too. Or people around me are serious and if I’m being cheerful it means I’m not serious enough.

The bright side is, never to late for anything, the old saying is true. I believe that. So, even you’re not new any more in your work place or maybe you’re new on something. Grab a pen, find a note, and start scribbling.

  • Write down as many items as you can, why you are here? It can be why you’re doing the job you’re doing, or why you are living in the country you are right now if you’re living in foreign country, or even why you’re taking a Japanese class.
  • Stick that into your wall, or maybe keep them in your phone/wallet/cubicle. See those again when you don’t feel that you lose yourself. It will help you to keep in line with where you want to go or want to be.

So, don’t waste more time. Start doing it, if you can’t do it now, put a reminder! 🙂

Finding my carrot [revisited]

In relation with my post earlier..

After sometime since I was asking question about what are the things that motivates us, I have the answer for myself. I have my “carrot” and I have my “stick”.

I use myself as example, my carrot is to produce a piece that will amuse people, a website in particular. I like to create something that is visually appealing to be enjoyed by people.

My background is not from creative line, in fact, from the technical background. I learned to develop website before I realized that I have interest in user interface design.

This is interestingly challenging for me. The reason is my peers are not in the same interest as I do, therefore I have to take the extra miles to be what I want to be. Thanks to the Internet, social media and any other online learning platform, which helps me a lot to learn.

Another thing I realized is, though you know your carrot, the road may still seem difficult to take. We will still face some bends along our journey, or some hills.

Then it’s the time for our “stick” to help us. Sometimes it seems difficult to find out what are the sticks for us, and one of the easiest approach is by finding out what I don’t like to do; the thing I avoid. That’s my stick.

To summarize, here are the steps that we can use to find out what are the things that motivates us:

  1. Find out what are the things we like to do, and it would be better if it’s a consistent activities that we do, not just impromptu activity that we do it on impulse. Have a talk with friends who know us well, by saying out loud it helps us to have determination. Or self talk will help too.
  2. Once we decided, stick to it.
  3. When we face challenges along the way, don’t deter.
  4. Find out what are the things we don’t like, it helps us to stick to our carrot. It also tests us whether we are really want that thing badly.

So, do you agree with me? Please share your thoughts.

What motivates you?

Do you ever have some days where you just don’t want to do anything? I’m sure we do. On some point of time in our life, we have days when we are totally unmotivated. Regardless it’s about doing something that we are really like, for example in my case, blogging or taking pictures, or developing websites. (yes, I like to develop beautiful website but I have times when I feel scared and very unwilling to do it).

I read quite a lot of books on how to motivate ourselves, or listen to some podcasts about motivation. Sometimes it works, I can be motivated for some time. Similar to petrol to a car, when the petrol runs out, the car stops. After a while, I ran out of “fuel”.

So, what motivates you? Or how to keep yourself motivated all the time?

Recently, I read a book and inside I found a very valuable piece of advice.

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Is blogging useless?

One day one of my friend asked me during lunch time, what would I think about blogging. Well I have a blog and I like to blog. The reason is I can share my thought and with hope to inspire others. How did I start to blog?


It started when I was on my final year in high school. I was inspired, many times, by reading stories from Chicken Soup books. Most of the story are short and simple, based on day to day experience, as if my friend experienced it and share it to me. So I was thinking since simple stories can also inspire other people, why don’t I share mine too.

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Meet my first student

I just reading “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch. In this book, it mostly about how Randy live his life, his approaches to solve problem, his view, his adventure and his mentors. He shared to the audience, us, how he learned a lot from his football coach, how he met his wife and most of all, how he embrace death.

On one of his chapters, he talk about his university life. How he deals with his students which reminds me of my own experience.

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