Quick and easy vs slow and tough

Fast food, quick meal, short discussion, easy money.

Don’t you think that we are becoming lazier? Yes, technology plays its role to make life better and simpler. But it also makes us lazier. Don’t you think so?

I bumped into a colleague and we were discussing about fruit. We have one thing in common, we are lazy to peel the fruit skin so we chose fruits which don’t require extra effort, for example banana.

In our busy life, most of us wants to get something done quick and effortless. Who doesn’t? Whether it’s eating food or get promotion.

But, after sometimes, I feel it’s less rewarding and I feel less appreciate when I get or achieve the thing I want. Or rather taking it for granted. As time goes, I’ll feel something is missing and I keep searching for “it”.

“It” is our effort.

Some people advised me that choose a job that’s rewarding because by the end of the day, you’ll feel some satisfaction or accomplishment. Sometimes the reward or the feeling do not always come in short time. But nothing beats the feel when you have it. So, no matter in what situation, have we really put effort into it?

Which life will you live?

There are infinite possibilities for what our lives can be. but only one reality we can live in. this life is the only one we’ll ever know, why not make it everything you want it to be?

When will I be happy?

Are you happy right now?
Have you ever ask yourself, what are the things that make you happy?
Have you obtain those things which make you happy? Or are you still looking for it?
And, will you still be happy, if it’s gone?

I’m reading a manga, Vagabond by Takehiko Inoue, which a fiction about Miyamoto Musashi life based on the historical novel by Yoshikawa Eiji. Musashi grows up by wanting to achieve one thing. He wants to be acknowledged as the invincible one under the sun, which means the number one. When he was a kid, he lived with his dad, an influential warrior who always looked down at him. So, he wants to prove what his worth to his dad.

Even though it’s a fiction, don’t you think that the situation is quite common? Which is happened to us or maybe to our friend?

We tried so hard to prove something or to achieve something. It could be for ourselves, our parents or society. We fight, we injured in the “battle”, recuperate, and apparently, we will involve in another “battle”. Although the thing we fight for maybe change from time to time during different phases in our life. For example, we want to score well at school when we are studying. Then when we are graduated and started the working life, we want to prove to our boss that we are valuable.

Reading Musashi’s story made me realise that it’s so easy to be deluded or to be trapped into a endless circle. That we will never reach the end of it. After A, I’ll be happy. But then what’s next? After that, what’s next?

I asked myself from time to time, why I move from one “battle” to another? Do I really crave to prove my existence? Does this accomplishment just an ego? Or simply part of life that everyone must go through? Maybe, when we are young, we are full of energy (some call it youth energy). When we crave for “something” so we will do whatever we can to get “it”.

Right now, I decided not to think about it too much. I think, it may take a while to reach a level which we can see that sometimes what we fight for is very superficial or silly. But, that’s okay. You can’t always have a perfect adventure.. A lil turn will make it more interesting.

So when I looked back recently, there are times when I took small issues too seriously, working hard for it, not only once but many times. But that makes my adventure has unique flavour 🙂

So, are you pursuing things at this moment? And why do you pursue it?

My life, my way

Last weekend I flew back to my hometown to attend one of my best friend’s wedding. And nothing is more exciting than meeting your old pals. It’s been more than 5 years since our graduation. There are a lot of things happened within those 5 years.

I used to watch my buddies left my hometown one by one to different cities. And later I did that too; for 1.5 years studying in Melbourne.

Some of the common questions that often asked by friends whom you seldom met are:

  1. Are you attached yet?
  2. What is your plan? When is your big day?
  3. Planning for kids?

and it will go on and on, depends on which stage you are 😉

Funny but true, we tend to assume that our friend should be this or that. Or doing this instead of that. Although we said it jokingly, sometimes they mean what they say. I feel that suddenly I’m that old when I was in my hometown :p

Here are some points that we can learn from this situation:

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Level up!

When we play a game, either it’s a puzzle game, strategy game, or RPG game, each time we complete one stage or level, the next one would be slightly more difficult than the previous one. Right?

The same analogy with life.

After you complete one stage in your life, the next one will be, most likely, more difficult. The challenge comes in different form. And the beauty of it is, you can never expect that you will get the same form challenge. Life will automatically find something that suit best to you. (refer to previous post)

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Sometimes life will give you what you need and not what you want

If someone asked you, name 3 things that you want to have right now and it can be anything. What answer would you give?

I’m sure, we have bottomless wishes or things that we want to have in life. Whether it’s a status, money or (maybe) someone?

Maybe for us who watched Aladdin and the Genie too much, we will be clever enough to have some imagination to ask another 3 more wishes on our last wish.

Anyway, when you feel that your life is hard on you here are some things you can keep in your mind:

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Learning from Janet Jackson

Yesterday, I listened to a podcast of Morgan Piers show where he’s interviewing Janet Jackson. Like all others celebrities, Janet also shares some of her secrets of her life. So, it’s very enjoying breakfast to listen to the “soft” voice of Morgan Piers and Janet Jackson.

(I’m not trying to promote any apps) You can try to download “Stitcher” it’s a podcast app where you can find a lot of online podcast (mostly) from US.

Here are some of the points that Janet shared:

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