Inspiration from Bittersweet (JP drama)

I watched にがくてあまい (Bittersweet) while flying back from Shanghai to Singapore. The main male character is a good cook while the female character is a typical office worker who care more about her work than anything else. 

They started with funny encounters and some fights, but they care about each other. 

One of the memorable lines was

Sometimes you just need to let yourself simmer a little longer to bring out the best of you. Like a stew. 

If you have time, you should watch it. I might look for the web toons too.. 

Drama ref: link

図書館戦争-THE LAST MISSION-: side note

  • Reporter’s photo title at the exhibition


Rather than complaining that nothing is changes, she puts her faith in books and run ahead.

  • The older brother vs the council

A: Just shoot the soldiers! You won’t have the chance to eliminate the insurgents. We need to prove them that this isn’t something worth to fight for especially in this twisted world

B: Don’t you think the question should be how to live the best in the twisted world?

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3 lessons from Inside Out

Last week I watched this “Inside Out” movie and I loved it so much. There are many moments which I found them very touching.


Here are my fave 34:

  1. Every feeling has a role.
  2. Don’t alienate your feelings.
  3. Don’t kill your feelings.
  4. Don’t be scared to show it.

Have you watched it? If you have, what’s your fave? If not, go and watch it, I recommend it.

Lessons from Avengers AoU

You didn't see it coming, did you? - Quicksilver

Life is full of surprise, yes?

No matter who wins or loses, trouble always comes around. - Nick Fury

Let’s enjoy the moment and keep our feet on earth, sometimes the fights we have is because of our pride or selfishness.

Human beings are fearful and in need of protection. But then, that fear can inspire them to do great things. - The Vision

So, challenges can be a good thing, isn’t it?

We're fighting an army of robots! And I have a bow and arrow! None of this makes sense! - Hawkeye

But Hawkeye is still fighting..! It’s about do best with you have.

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Which life will you live?

There are infinite possibilities for what our lives can be. but only one reality we can live in. this life is the only one we’ll ever know, why not make it everything you want it to be?

5 lessons from “The Smurf”

1. You are not defined with you are born with
But it’s how you want
Smurf born and name like their personality, but although you are the clumsy smurf, you still can be the hero

2. Do your job well
Every smurf has a role like their names, and they specialized in it.

3. Do your job happily
When smurf are working, they will sing, they enjoy what they do wholeheartedly

4. Make mistake, acknowledge it, forgive and move on
Even the wisest papa smurf can make a mistake. He has a big heart to acknowledge it. To make mistake is human.

5. Chances may come for 2nd time, but it will never be the same again
When it comes to choose, sometimes our logic wins our heart. But remember one thing, if logic won, Tim Cook will never join Apple and will not become what he is today. So, listen carefully.

PS: I wrote this yet I forgot to publish this. :p

Some lessons from Shaolin (the movie)

Here is the movie details from wiki: Shaolin (film). (warning: it’s a spoiler too)

Shaolin Poster

Why I can’t resist to give it 5/5?

The reason is simply this 2 hours plus movie shows lots of aspects, I named the main two for me, action and inspiration.

It inspires me, and also reminds me about what is more important in human lives, what hinders us to identify it, and common mistakes that leads to one’s downfall.

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