33 Questions (Pt2)

I posted this for the first time way back then in 2010. And I decided to do it again, let’s see if I will answer them differently.

1. What Do You Do For A Living?

I’m currently working as product information manager. It’s a new path from my previous role. In my day to day activities, I’m managing the projects related to website, working with the business team and the developer.

2. Who Do You Love?

My family, my friends, myself

3. Do You Have Enough Money?

I think so~! I can sustain my life and contributes to my parents.

4. Are You Healthy?

Getting better. I need to improve my cholesterol level.

5. Do You Think You Are a Good Person?

Well, I guess :p

6. How Old Are You?


7. Who’s Your Best Friend?

The team mates I was in.

8. What’s Your Childhood Dream?

Engineer. Who builds stuffs (ha!)

9. How Often Do You Laugh?

Quite often.. Many times in a day, I think I become easily amused with what happened around me.

10. What Makes You Smile?

Silly stuffs~!

11. Who’s Your Most Dangerous Enemy?

Me, myself and my complacent thinking :p

12. Where Do You Live?


13. Do You Think You’re Strong?

Hmm.. I still find it hard to answer this one. I think, my mental is stronger than my physical.

14. What Was The Most Important Thing You’ve Done So Far?

Finally I decided to study a course which I’ve been wanting to study it since 3-4 years back.

15. What Was The Most Stupid Thing You’ve Done So Far?

Running to chase the train after donating blood.. and I almost fainted in the train

16. Do You Love Yourself?

A little bit too much

17. What Do You Fear The Most?


18. What Is Your Favorite Word?


19. When Was The Last Time You Cried?

When reading One Piece chapter 792

20. What Is The Best Thing That Could Happen To You Right Now?

Being able to work in Japan

21. What Is The Worst Thing That Could Happen To You Right Now?


22. Picture Yourself In 5 Years From Now

I’ll repay my debt by climbing Mt Fuji, I’ll pass my N2 in considerably good score (not borderline), I’ll start to learn one more language.

I’ll be team leader (maybe?)

23. Do You Regret Anything?

So far, I tend to forget it quite fast.. (lucky~!)

24. What’s The First Thing You Do In The Morning?

Drink water

25. What Are You Thinking Just Before Going To Bed?

Any updates from SMAP (Goro-chan in particular) or BIGBANG (Seungri in particular)

26. What Was The Highest Point You’ve Ever Been To?

Mt Fuji 8.5 station

27. If There’s One Thing In Your Life You Want To Change Right Now, What Is It?

To go overseas to do volunteering

28. What Are You Proud Of?

The adventure I had so far

29. Sum Up Your Life In One Sentence

Building up awesomeness

30. Name The Thing That Annoys You The Most

Good food. Because I have hard times to control myself :p~

31. What Is Your No 1 Question To God?

Am I doing okay?

32. Do You Have Secrets?

Of course.. A secret makes a woman, woman – Vermouth

33. What Makes You Laugh?

Other people

One bonus question from him to answer:

34. Are You Happy?

In general, yes~!

33 Questions

Two days ago I saw a post on my twitter list about interviewing ourselves. I read her post and I found out that she and I are following the same blogger (Dragos Roua). If you like inspiring stories or motivational stories, I highly recommend you to follow his blog too.

I like the idea to interview myself because not only you (the readers) can know about me better, but also (importantly) for my own sake. The main point of  saying it out loud is helping us to be firm with something. When someone ask us question, what would you like to have for lunch, we can boldly say it, “I want to have a burger”. I learn about this few years back from some books.


Anyway, without further ado, let’s the interview begin and I hope you enjoy it.

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