Some lessons from Shaolin (the movie)

Here is the movie details from wiki: Shaolin (film). (warning: it’s a spoiler too)

Shaolin Poster

Why I can’t resist to give it 5/5?

The reason is simply this 2 hours plus movie shows lots of aspects, I named the main two for me, action and inspiration.

It inspires me, and also reminds me about what is more important in human lives, what hinders us to identify it, and common mistakes that leads to one’s downfall.

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We are artist..

random thought of the day


I never have a permanent hair dresser if I compared to my friend who always goes to the same hairdresser. So, I have different experiences with different people. Some of the them simply listens to my requests, while others give their opinion.

When I relate this to myself as professional, here is what I can learn from them:

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