Getting impatient

Recently I was watching “Miss Pilot”, a Japanese drama, about a lady who has easy going personality and not particularly smart but has a good heart. She was accepted as pilot trainee and surprised that she pass the preliminary screening. (maybe you think that it’s very typical scenario in drama right?)

When she was in training with other candidates, they started with different job role before having pilot training. They were thinking that all of those are useless and doesn’t help them in becoming pilot. So they are restless and stress if they are actually on the right track to become a pilot.

Their instructor didn’t want to help them directly but indirectly giving them few hints.

All of those are necessary because a plane can’t take off if they don’t run in the runway and they have to reach certain speed before taking off. So, those chores are their runway preparation.

Sometimes we just too impatient when we can’t get what we want. Then, we started to doubt ourselves that can we do it? or maybe asking “does this suit me?”.

1. We need to have clear master plan to achieve our goal. And take note the results of each milestone. By tracking and evaluating it, we will be able to determine if we really make progress.

2. If our goal is too big to achieve, for example world domination, break it into smaller steps. It will make it easier to reach and accomplish. Once we get one down, move on to next one.

Also, have a talk with your friends, sometimes it helps to see things differently.

Do you have similar experience? Getting impatient because your goal seems too hard to reach?