Popularity revisited

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Lesson learnt: People want to be popular, but once they are popular, they will long for their quiet life, sooner or later. (Or maybe not)

In the last post, I was talking about the trend of people are (desperately) want to be popular in virtual world. Especially with the growth of a lot of social networking, people (that I know of, ranging from teenagers to my peers) are commonly active in popular networking sites like twitter or facebook.

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Writing a memoir

mem·oir /ˈmɛm wɑr, -wɔr/ from dictionary.com

  1. a record of events written by a person having intimate knowledge of them and based on personal observation.
  2. a biography or biographical sketch.
  3. Usually, memoirs.
    1. an account of one’s personal life and experiences;autobiography.
    2. the published record of the proceedings of a group or organization, as of a learned society.


I read in the newspaper somewhere around last week, Justin Bieber, a teen pop singer from Canada is writing his memoir and I remembered one of my friend comment when I told her about this, isn’t he too young to write memoir? What would his memoir tell? His journey to his stardom? Well, until the book is published, we can’t be too sure about it.

On top of that, I read a recent post from my favorite blogger about life lessons, and I’m agree with his idea especially the second point. I have the same idea before I read his article on my morning walk to my usual bus stop to work, for example to share what I have learned from my recent trip, or how I see things in my life. So far, this blog has been a “salad” of my life. A little bit of this and a little bit of that, with some sauce, bread crumbs and many other toppings. Our life is like that isn’t it? We have some ups, and downs, some happy time, and sad. What a coincidence!

Therefore this post will mainly tell you about my trip and why I want to share bits of my life.

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A room for improvement

On a casual talk with my friend, he mentioned about how our life repeating some patterns; for example, when we’re going to school, studying, having exams, making mistakes, being graded, given feedback, learned something and tried to be better. We always have learning pattern and of course making mistakes is part of it.

Room for improvement

And I was nodding, agreeing his idea.

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Is blogging useless?

One day one of my friend asked me during lunch time, what would I think about blogging. Well I have a blog and I like to blog. The reason is I can share my thought and with hope to inspire others. How did I start to blog?


It started when I was on my final year in high school. I was inspired, many times, by reading stories from Chicken Soup books. Most of the story are short and simple, based on day to day experience, as if my friend experienced it and share it to me. So I was thinking since simple stories can also inspire other people, why don’t I share mine too.

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Meet my first student

I just reading “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch. In this book, it mostly about how Randy live his life, his approaches to solve problem, his view, his adventure and his mentors. He shared to the audience, us, how he learned a lot from his football coach, how he met his wife and most of all, how he embrace death.

On one of his chapters, he talk about his university life. How he deals with his students which reminds me of my own experience.

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Blogger apprentice

On one afternoon, my friend sent me a personal message through messenger. He noticed that I update my blog on daily basis recently. He compliment me for being able to write regularly and told me that he is struggling with finding ideas for his personal blog.

This friend actually has another blog, about JavaScript programming. I read his occasionally and I find it was well written. He provides examples and detail instructions, as well as theory behind it and tips for practical programming.

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When resisting is not working

What do I mean by resisting?

Alright, according to online dictionary Merriam-Webster, resist means:

intransitive verb
: to exert force in opposition
transitive verb
1 : to exert oneself so as to counteract or defeat <he resisted temptation>
2 : to withstand the force or effect of <material that resists heat>


My version, to resist is not to acknowledge something which is usually associated with bad things. You can name activities like gambling, stealing, or using drugs. I don’t such experience nor have friends who did that so far. And, the resisting process I’m talking here is related to someone you care about, someone whom you are close with.

Possible Scenario

Your best friend is addicted to online games; he/she used up all their parents money which are supposed to pay for their education, to pay the game. Or, one of your family is addicted into gambling. What would you do?

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On shortening words

Some questions to ponder:

  1. When you’re using your mobile phone, do you prefer texting or making a call?
  2. When you’re online, how do you usually type your conversation? Do you use “thx”, “btw”, “asap”, “fyi”, “lol” and many other often?
  3. Do you use number to replace certain texts, for instance 4 -> for, 2 -> to?
  4. Do you active participant in certain forums?

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