Mid year reflection

I did it..!!

And the rest are history.. below was my day

KM 22: I thought I signed up for 21km run? 

KM 21: the finish line is not here yet? 

KM 16: oh.. my.. it’s so hot. Legs are giving up, then heard someone called my name.. extra boost of power to the finish line! 

KM 15: yay.. 6 more to go.. but at this rate seem to exceed 21km. Should I go to toilet here or at the last U-turn? I think my left foot has blister.

KM 12: oh.. saw a familiar face on the other side. Then not long after that the 2:30 pacers.. let’s go! (And didn’t take long I lost sight of them) 

KM 10: see.. not bad isn’t it. You worry too much before the run worrywart. Oh.. it’s Pokémon XY Dream Power .. wohoo! Feels like someone gave me an energy ball. 

KM 6: finally I can find the pace I comfortable with then passing a runner who was walking. Suddenly that runner was started to run *stomp stomp* ah that surprised me. Not long after that back yo walking (=_=!) Another runner passed me and that runner, and he did the same thing trying to overtake the runner. But both of us were running contantly and in the end, he gave up overtaking.. interesting situation eh? 

KM 0: don’t you think you should stretch more? And ten thousands other questions popped, as if I have super long check list. 


I have a very busy mind hey.. it’s “just” 21km. It’s not my first time, and I still have few more to go before year end. But somehow I still get the jittery before the run which I don’t get for the shorter distance. 

Flashing back, the longest run I ever ran was 2km which 5 laps in the running tracks, then 6km when I was running Yellow Ribbon with my colleagues. Then followed by Shape run 5km few years later. 

Anyway.. After 1 banana, 3 gels, plenty of energy drinks and water, 2 toilet breaks, 2 Grab rides, BIGBANG and anime OST as running playlist, 3 hours of running, I finished the race. 

Oh wait.. 1 meals, 1.5 hours of Japanese class, 40 mins MRT ride and 10 mins walk, I *finally* completed the “race”. 

For all the pain, will I still do it again? Yes. I really curious whether the not-so-athletic me will be able to complete full marathon and triathlon. It looks like still long way(yyyyy) to go, but through each event, I learn to know more about myself. 

2 things I learned from hiking Mt Fuji

I just came back from my Japan trip last week. There were 4 of us, 10 days in Japan mostly Tokyo area and Mt Fuji. Personally, this trip has a deep meaning not only because I’ve been longing to go to Japan but also this is my first time to use the language I’ve learned for the past 2 years.

  1. You can’t lie to nature
  2. Persevere, persevere and persevere

Those two are connected to each other.

This trip has more than one item of my 1st time; to hike a mountain. My friend’s had warned me to train myself physically yet I didn’t have enough discipline for it. Anyway, remembering all the tips from them and last minute training gave me an idea how tough a hike can be.

When I was actually there and started it, it was okay. We still can chat and take photos. Not until when we reached the mountain hut, they asked us if it’s okay to wake us by 11pm when we reached there around 9pm. Otherwise we will not have chances to see the sunrise from the top.

We started the hike from 5th station and made a pit stop at a mountain hut in 7th station. And the top is 10th station.

So we started to climb in the dark. It was fun, or at least to me. I always have an imagination of being a soldier; carrying your backpack and such. Because we travelled in a group, so there are times we have to wait for each other.

When we reached 8th station after quite a tough hike from 7th (with big rocks – we need to crawl) it was around 4am in the morning. So we decided to wait and see the sunrise from there. And it was beautiful.

We continued our journey after that to the top. However the weather was getting worse. Foggy and raining and windy, as you’re getting higher. You are literally inside the cloudy part on the top of the mountain if you see Mt Fuji picture.

This is the time when I started to joke with myself by asking, “why am i doing this to myself?”

However, the body said, don’t think too much, let’s just take a step after a step. We will get there eventually. I listened to it and persevere. I’m not the physically fittest in the group, but I always manage to continue it.

We decided to call it off, due to the group conditions. So the final station we reached was the 8.5th station.

When I was there, I was struck how trivial all the arguments I had with my friends in the past. It was nothing.

So, even tough I didn’t manage to reach the top, it taught me a lot. And I will come back to finish my hike. One day.

Thoughts on Apple

On remembering Steve Jobs,

I remember the first time I heard about his name was after I graduated. A lecturer in campus showed his commencement speech in Stanford. I already felt that his speech was inspiring, really. I couldn’t imagine how thy speech can influence me so deep in the future.

On knowing my campus is part of Apple campus,

I know that Apple stuff is pretty unaffordable in Indonesia. Unless you make a fair earning. Last time I visited my campus almost 2 years ago, their android culture is solid. As a Apple fan, big big Apple fan, I feel insignificant. Yet I feel unique in the same time. Like the father of Apple felt when he was young; special, the chosen one.
So, I’m happy to know that they are not just an Android base.

On Apple cult,

To some people, they think that Apple gadgets are bad and competitors are good. People who love Apple is just merely a cult. I read this somewhere sometime ago, Apple is able to deliver good user experience despite their hardware is not the newest in the market. And the one with more powerful resource, can’t deliver the same performance for user.
Well said, ’nuff said.

On dream to work for Apple,

When you admire someone, naturally you have desire to meet the person, when the person is still alive. That’s what I thought.
Well, he’s not.
To think that I used to dream to work for Microsoft in research field created some sparks in me in the past.
But, the more you’re in the field, the more you know about yourself, you will eventually find a role for you. Deep down inside, we all know what we want. Sometimes, we just too scared to acknowledge it.
So, I’m a nobody to Apple, I just play my role as fan girl.

My life, my way

Last weekend I flew back to my hometown to attend one of my best friend’s wedding. And nothing is more exciting than meeting your old pals. It’s been more than 5 years since our graduation. There are a lot of things happened within those 5 years.

I used to watch my buddies left my hometown one by one to different cities. And later I did that too; for 1.5 years studying in Melbourne.

Some of the common questions that often asked by friends whom you seldom met are:

  1. Are you attached yet?
  2. What is your plan? When is your big day?
  3. Planning for kids?

and it will go on and on, depends on which stage you are 😉

Funny but true, we tend to assume that our friend should be this or that. Or doing this instead of that. Although we said it jokingly, sometimes they mean what they say. I feel that suddenly I’m that old when I was in my hometown :p

Here are some points that we can learn from this situation:

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Learning from others, learning from problems

Another memorable experience I had from the seminar is, when we play a game name tantrix. it consists of hexagonal chips that has three colored lines on one side and number on the other side.


How to play this game? You can check it out here.

It started by our facilitator, his name is John, divided us into groups and asked us to work it together within our group. First he asked us to make a loop with 3 chips, then gradually increased into 4 chips until we played all the chips, which is 10.

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Get rid of pessimism and boost the confidence up

Some people may always look confident on different situations, like in a party, during presentation, during a meeting with clients or even while hang out with friends. Meanwhile, some other people may look totally the opposite. They don’t look enthusiast, low spirited, try to hide themselves, speak low about themselves. I describe those two based on the book I read before, extrovert (confident) person and introvert (pessimist) person.


Even if you feel that you are a confident person, sometimes you may have some doubts about what are you going to do or maybe not confident enough to do some tasks. In this case what is the difference between the optimist and the pessimist?

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my weekend – part 1/3

On Friday,

My mobile phone was blinking. Someone’s calling me. I was at my office, doing some Flash animations for company greeting cards. I used to ignore my mobile phone during office hour since I worked here. It’s not because I want to impress my colleagues how hard working I am though.

Took a glance on my blinking mobile on my desk, the number looked quite long and came to my surprise, it had a very familiar prefix, my country. I paused for a while, tried to guess who was it, and decided to answer the call.

It was my cousin. She told me that her mother – my aunt – and her were in Singapore for a while, before tomorrow heading back to my hometown, and asked could we meet tonight.

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