DOCTORS 3 The Ultimate Surgeon: side note


When it’s painful, say it’s painful. You don’t need to endure it. It’s OK. There will be someone around to help you. Sagara Kousuke.

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DOCTORS Saikyou no Meii: side note

Side note:

  1. I suddenly remembered a quote from XXXholic manga by Clamp: “There is no such thing as a coincidence in this world. There is only the inevitable.” I’m wondering why would I watch this show after completing two dramas related to doctor and hospital, yet I’m drawn into another one (しょうがないかなぁぁ。。). Or, was I randomly watching, whatever show is available in Viki?
  2. Though, the main actor, 沢村一揆 (Sawamura Ikki), was also in 続。星の金貨 (this drama is his debut!) and 7月24日通りのクリスマス (Christmas on July 24th Avenue). Since I’m still trying to watch 大沢たかお (Osawa Takao) past movie/drama.
  3. So, the second leads to the first one?
  4. I watched Sawamura Ikki few times before in different shows but didn’t really following his dramas after that. I feel his brilliant in portraying someone in twisted personality in 続。星の金貨 and DOCTORS: 最高の名医. He has a good person looking yet can be somewhat scary when he’s plotting something.

To run away or not to run

Continuing last post, the second statement that I like from the drama is,

“Rather than change the place, isn’t it easier to join another hospital?” – Minagawa Kazue

(an eye opener statement)

Does it sound familiar to you?

When we are working for a company or another person, those conflicts are inevitable. We may have some principle or preferred method which differs to management or higher up. And after some times, when we are tired we decided to run from the “battle” with whatever reasons. (or at least, I did)

Although I asked myself, if I were back in the same situation right now, will I still run away from it? Maybe. But, do I want to be back in the first place?

So, even though I haven’t completed watching this show (the second season is still airing in Japan actually), I’d recommend you to watch it. The main reason is it will make you inspire you and make you think in a way, if you have your priorities right or whether you’re doing the right thing or doing thing right.

Are we making excuses for ourselves?

I have 2 favorite quotes after watching a Japanese drama. The title is “DOCTORS: 最高の名医“. First is,

“Statistic is just an excuse for doctor to hide from the patient. And saying “it’s usually like that ..” too ” – Sagara Kosuke

Sagara Kosuke is the main character in the drama with some “unique” characters.

I think sometimes we are trying to justify our failure by finding supporting facts which align with our facts. Do you think so?

Hmm.. I think I did in the past. Then usually I’ll have some regrets for not persistently pursuing it.

I learned that it’s not just our effort taken into account there are other things too. However, what’s our attitude towards it is also important. Because I believe, that there are not only one way to get something or to get to somewhere. I learned that I need to be “creative” and keep my mind open when I’m working on something. Don’t give up easily when one way is not working.

So at the end of the day, we won’t say that it’s because of this or that I failed not to get it. Instead will say that I did my best. No excuse, no regret.

(to be continued)