Trap by a routine

My weekly schedule is:

  • Monday is clearing some pending stuffs from last week or new emails on that day. Normally I will feel beaten up after I reach home.
  • Tuesday, I will head to the gym in the morning, before going to office (sometimes needs some coffee or tea to perk me up) and I post a blog after I reach home.
  • Wednesday, it’s time to revise my Japanese, do the homework or simply watch movie and think what should I write for my next post.
  • Thursday, another gym and blog day.
  • Friday, it’s time to have some fun after work.
  • Saturday, it’s either meeting friends (movies, taking pictures or post process my last photo hunting) or doing some house cleaning.
  • Sunday, my Japanese class.

I tweeted everyday on the week. I tweeted mostly about technology, design and user interface related topic or simply trends. Sometimes related with personal development. I use scheduler (so boss, don’t worry I’m not facing all day long). It also means I read the article beforehand. Occasionally, I use twitter to communicate with my friends too.

I added some and I removed some, my schedule stays some and goes some. Some of my friends told me that I have a way to keep myself busy with things.

Okay I admit that I have a difficulties to stay idle. But it doesn’t mean that I can’t be idle. When I’m idle, I do really idle and not doing anything. Basically I just stone. (and I’m still receiving complains from friends for this).

Different people has different life style, different preferences, or put it simple, we are just a unique being with some similarities. But one thing I know is, we are all easily trapped by a routine. It may be difficult to make a routine, but it’s harder to get rid of it.

I’m not saying that routine is bad. Routine has it’s benefit. For example, for a people like me who likes to jump around and barely finish something, a routine will  help me to finish what I’m doing. To make me more consistent.

On the other hand, when we do it repetitively and unconsciously, it will make us not aware about what is happened around us. When that’s happened, we will be someone who is not present at the present moment, someone who lost their creativity, someone who just a robot or machine, or many more.

Here is the deal. We can avoid it.

Simply, by changing our schedule.

Some of my friends said that it’s very stressful to change our schedule. I said, it will be more stressful if you change it every now and then. Change them occasionally, let it settle and once you started to get used to it, shift some of your schedule again.

To conclude, if you feel trap by your routine, try to change it first.