My first “ultra” run

This is the last sport check list item in 2017 to be cleared, and it’s a huge one too. People say close it with a bang. So I guess this is mine for 2017.

Usually I plan my sport till mid year and leave the second half for the non-sport resolution but I notice that I was slacking off, really, in 2016. So I’m trying to spread it out till end of year.

As I’m going to the event in my head the image of Valkyrie from Thor Ragnarok saying “Here we go” is getting stronger.

Pre-race thought

In my checklist, besides gears, there are others like nervous or excitement, which seems taking turns.

Preparation is something I always feel not there yet, but I take it that life is like that too. Sometimes you just need to dive in head first. Although having enough preparation will make you more confident and less injury.

Oh right.. To my friends who are taking JLPT, let’s do our best. I’ll contribute my “JLPT”.

My friend said take it easy, one kilometer at a time, which I’ll say that to myself. Many times later.

Post-race thought

I feel cheated! Because I signed up for 42.195km but it seems not only me who has distance discrepancy

Will I run full marathon again? Maybe.. I’ll give another thought after recovery

I’ll skip the drama before the race, as my running buddy like to say, every run is unique by itself. And the drama is part of the bundle.

From the start, I told myself that I don’t need to rush, it’s really tempting to run faster when the road is clear, or sucked by people around you. This is my race not theirs. So, no matter how tempting it is, stick to your plan. And it did work! Despite few stitches I had after 30km mark. I stopped for stretch and put some Salonpas. As saying said, don’t forget to sharpen your weapon.

What stressed me was to reach the 38+km before 12:30, as it was stated the cut off timing. After experiencing drama in the morning, I only flagged off around 6+. But maybe that stress gave me an extra push?

And, I did shout to 41km sign, how I love to see it. Hah!

Although I just barely made it to the finish line, the silver lining is I have the photographer to take few nice shots for me (or at least I thought so :D)

Never try, never know. And I tried.

2 bananas, 6 Gu gels, 1 Wieder jelly, 1 Gu Chomp, few Face ID problems, and countless 100Plus Active and water.. (incl trips to toilet) later, I crossed the finish line.

Yes, this post is half written pre-race and the other half is post-race. I can’t possibly write while running, right?

Growing a relationship

I want to be the person who when I look back, I can tell myself “oh yeah, I did that in the past.”

There was an issue has been bugging me for months recently. It will be easier if I can say it out loud to the person I’m having the issue with when it’s not as complicated as it is. However, as an adult, I think it’s not wise either to just saying “I don’t like this from you”. So, looking for the solution which works for both of us made me think a lot.

I spoke to several people about it. Asking them how I should move on from this. Some of them said that don’t ever need to try it because I tried it in the past and it didn’t work. That’s the time to move on. They said.

Some said, it all depends on me how I want the future looks like. If I think it’s worth fighting, then fight for it. The means doesn’t matter.

A friend said, sometimes we need to be patient because the solution will come out by itself. My mind was focusing too much on the issue and I decided to follow the advice, to relax a little. I told myself, you did a good job by doing all the prep work: spot the issue, think about the solution but not yet found, consult to friends, etc. Another friend’s term is trying to detach ourselves, emotionally, from it.

Surprisingly, when you detach yourself emotionally, compassion or kindness will appear. It makes us calm. Like what they say, the solution will come out. Indeed.

I spoke to my friend about it. My friend acknowledge my thought. And I’m looking forward to work better with my friend in the future.

The take away point from this is. I keep forgetting that regardless when and where I go, there is always a challenge for me. Maybe it’s not the challenge I’m looking for. However it’s a must to go through it. Think running from it as the very last resort, when things aren’t working. The analogy of this is, when you play RPG game, there are some mini missions available, help a NPC do this or that. It usually doesn’t have much experience, but it will give you some items to help you move forward.

PS: looking back to my university year when I had most activities throughout the year, right now I can only remember it that I had a great time with my friends. Although I know that time, I had some disagreements or fought with my team mates, or friends when we were working on projects or working together as committee.

PPS: one more thing, I have a belief that the more you fight with your someone, the closer your relation will be. But don’t just fight without resolving it. Because fighting alone will just make the relation worse. Fight and resolve it, shape each other, understand each other better. Although, fighting is not necessary, if you’re a peace lover like my friend, but sometime it’s unavoidable.

The push we need

Still in relation with what I posted yesterday. When it comes to obstacle in front of us, some see it as a big great wall, while some see it as challenge.

Another difference is

One is the push we need and the other one is the push we don’t want.

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Challenging or tough?

When you have a big obstacle in front of you, what would you think first? Challenging or tough?

Our first reaction reflects how we see the obstacle. This post will give you a perspective about the differences of those words when obstacle comes.

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Phases in our life

One of my girl friends has a lot of polka dots stuffs. One of my male friends commented on her polka dots items. “Why polka dots?”, and she said, “I’m still in polka dots phase.”

I like her casual answer for that question.

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Level up!

When we play a game, either it’s a puzzle game, strategy game, or RPG game, each time we complete one stage or level, the next one would be slightly more difficult than the previous one. Right?

The same analogy with life.

After you complete one stage in your life, the next one will be, most likely, more difficult. The challenge comes in different form. And the beauty of it is, you can never expect that you will get the same form challenge. Life will automatically find something that suit best to you. (refer to previous post)

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Double black

Lesson of the day: Something may not as easy as we thought when we do it ourselves, but it is worth the effort to do it.

Outbound activity

Last week Saturday, my company was having a team building activity, obstacle course. The course is coded into 4 difficulties level on different sites, and there are 4 sites. Green, blue, red and black are the colors to represent the easiest to the most difficult one.

So, why is it exciting?

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Pick your side: Good or bad #2

Lesson of the day: (but) good thing is addictive.

Continuing last post…

If I associated bad things with negative experience or feeling or something that bring us no good, then I’d like to describe good things as something that will make us feel good about ourselves and, more importantly, will not harm us.

For example, when we get a praise on what we had done, or when we receive a good mark for our test.

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