Putting our effort on present to conquer the future

Have you ever thought that getting something we want in the future is easier than we thought? It can be our goal, or dream, or how we want ourselves to be. We often think that it’s hard to achieve, long way to get it or we might even think no way I’m going to get it.

Here is a little bit story from me, to remind us about it.

Bowling pins

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That plan is perfect, but..

Do you like to make a plan? Or do you prefer to have someone plan for you? Not about your life, it’s about what happened in daily life, like going on a trip, throwing a party, or organizing event?


The first time I entered my university life, I was fascinated with the seniors who arrange great orientation for us. (Though for some of us, it’s more like a “torture” rather than welcome party) Anyway, the reason I was fascinated because I have great experience as participant, we had games, we camped and some of us, we made new close friends. So, I was telling myself that I’m going to do the same thing next year.

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Loving ourselves

I like this idea when I heard it for the first time.

Not everyone can accept this, some of my friend feel that it’s a selfish thing to do.

I don’t try to sell this concept, but I think we can think about it. Why?

Self Love

I’d like to use one real world example. When we’re on a plane, the flight attendants will do some demonstration about safety. How we buckle up our belts, point out the emergency exits and it also includes what should we do when the cabin pressure is dropped. Oxygen mask will drop from its compartment above our head. They will show is how to use it and they said, please do it to yourself before helping others including children.

I don’t see that it is a selfish thing to love ourselves. Because by taking care ourselves, we can do more, including helping other people.

But it’s difficult to love ourselves, because the common concept is to sacrifice for other and disregard our happiness or safety.

So, sometimes what I do is, I see myself as someone who needs help. I should help me by taking care of myself so that I can solve “me” problem.

Meet my first student

I just reading “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch. In this book, it mostly about how Randy live his life, his approaches to solve problem, his view, his adventure and his mentors. He shared to the audience, us, how he learned a lot from his football coach, how he met his wife and most of all, how he embrace death.

On one of his chapters, he talk about his university life. How he deals with his students which reminds me of my own experience.

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A thing called passion

My friend said a very interesting statement yesterday, “Although someone has interest on doing some kind of work, doesn’t necessarily means he is the right person to do it. Sometimes you need to go beyond normal, to give more than what you are required to do.”

The conversation was happened during our lunch time, and we were discussing about work (well sadly yeah, sometimes we discuss about work even during our lunch time).

Her statement made me think about some of my past experience, about going beyond things.

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When resisting is not working

What do I mean by resisting?

Alright, according to online dictionary Merriam-Webster, resist means:

intransitive verb
: to exert force in opposition
transitive verb
1 : to exert oneself so as to counteract or defeat <he resisted temptation>
2 : to withstand the force or effect of <material that resists heat>


My version, to resist is not to acknowledge something which is usually associated with bad things. You can name activities like gambling, stealing, or using drugs. I don’t such experience nor have friends who did that so far. And, the resisting process I’m talking here is related to someone you care about, someone whom you are close with.

Possible Scenario

Your best friend is addicted to online games; he/she used up all their parents money which are supposed to pay for their education, to pay the game. Or, one of your family is addicted into gambling. What would you do?

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Learning my lesson – keeping my ego at the bay

Lately, I was so stressed, I didn’t know what made me stress  and I was quite desperate to find out what made me stress.

Is it my work load? Work has been busy as always, writing code, designing system, debugging and testing, you name it. But I believe that I’m still coping it.

Is it my schedule? I schedule myself to exercise on even days, Tue-Thurs-Sat. It was just started for the last three weeks. Is the schedule too rush for me? I don’t think so. When I tried to skip the exercise part, I feel that my whole body was even more tired.

Is it my hobbies? I admit that I like to play games more often than I used to be. I play games on the browser as well as on iPhone. But, it seems this habit happened because I was so desperate to find out what made me feel stress.

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On one step closer to our dream

Below is the dialogue excerpt between Ria Torres and Dr. Cal Lightman from one of the “Lie to Me” episodes I watched,

Lightman (L): Look, what do you wanna be when you grow up?
Torres (T): I am grown-up.
(L): Terrific. what are you?
(T): I’m–i’m a–
(L): You’re on your way to becoming one of the world’s leading experts in deception. But up here, you’re still a baggage screener at the airport. Till you change that, you’ll always think you’re not ready.

How often we’ve been in similar situation like Torres?

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