The essence for our growth

I: Isn’t it fun getting better at the job?

C: it is

I: isn’t that the main strand of your career that you’re getting better at the job

C: well, it could only get better, it couldn’t get worse

Inspiration of the week is a chat by Cate (C) Blanchett and Sir Ian (I) McKellen in Actors on Actors show (link)

They were discussing about things they are not so good at (geez, they are so humble, o’rite). Cate replied Ian that she feels they just need to be asked by someone to do it (as a challenge for themselves)

In imaginary world, if I’m an actor, I think my bosses will be the director of the show. They are the one who set the movie direction. And I just need to do my best as certain role in the movie.

I’m guessing that directors also have their own unique style, perhaps like Quentin Tarantino or Michael Bay or Peter Jackson.

Clashes are unavoidable and uncontrollable, but our respond to it is controllable. As there was a conflict happened this week and I can’t help to keep thinking about it. I kept asking why to myself to the extent it hounded me.

However listening to Cate and Ian, I feel that after it’s all happened in the past, their present self can just laugh at it. They grew from their past self.

The image of 7 deadly sins comic starts to appear in my mind when I was hounded by the incident. That I was activating Pride and Wrath in me. And what I need to activate is Acceptance now. So, don’t feel angry or sad, just be better. One step at a time.

Thing happens for a reason. As always.

Ask and you’ll be given. Whether it’s something important for your growth or the answer to your problem.

What do you think?

Extra note:

Doesn’t time feel so fast passing by when you are in the last quarter of the year?

I flipped through my agenda and find that October inspiration page was blank. Although I had my October filled with activities.

November, on the other hand, has been giving me valuable lessons. It also the M-1 for the big event early Dec.

Running at our own pace

"Don't rush it. I know you want to finish the length of the swimming pool but I want you to focus on your stroke and follow the *beep* of your timer. Now you need to do it right and constant pace. Not doing it fast." that was my coach said to us during our lesson this week.
She also said that it's easy to just go faster but we will feel exhausted before the entire distance we supposed to cover.
This Saturday I went jogging with my friend and after 2km mark, I looked at my 735XT, it was showing around 7:40 but my heart rate (HR) was already at up high (zone 5) because of the hills.
Anyway.. my brain relates these experience to normal daily life that, sometimes we have different milestone than our friends, some might get married first, some might already have their house while others might have great career.
We run at different pace in our marathon called life.

  • There are times when you need to run harder during the hills till your lung screams.
  • There are times when you are just cruising at steady pace.
  • Or there are times when you're walking to recover.

But as long as you're still running, isn't it okay?

PS: I don't really get the science behind making use the HR data to run more efficiently. And according to my triathlete friend, try to be at zone 3 – forever running zone as much as possible.

To be a fitter me

When I started to jog, I can only run for 2km. And I was super tired. I told myself, man, I don’t have the stamina to jog or jogging/running related activities is not suitable for me. 

On good days, I ran 2km or 5 laps of running tracks. But I told myself to run at least 3 laps and don’t walk. 

I hardly able to go beyond that distance. Either shorter or just meet 2km nicely. 
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Expectation (Pt 2)

I was supposed to get this out last week, but I was expecting great idea will come out from my head. As a result, nothing comes out. 

Or maybe this sounds familiar too: “isn’t it obvious that you can’t tell this information to A. You’re expected to know it.”

When I think or expect that other people will know about something or do something, it often ends the other way around, and it makes me upset or frustrated. 

Don’t you think so? 

Recently, I came across to this awesome quote 

Expect nothing, appreciate everything

So I told myself, to do this simple check

  1. Never assume/expect that other people will know what we want.
  2. Always ask. Never ask, you’ll never know
  3. Things which seems natural to you may not necessarily understand by other people. So don’t need to get upset when they don’t 

PS: when I scrolled through my blog, I found that I published a short post about expectation last year. Seems like I need to get reminder 😉

And yes, I still owe one more post for this week

Attitude is a little thing that makes big difference

-taken from a reading while I’m on a bus to office-
Everybody is the body of the team (work spirit)
There is a story of 4 people name, everybody, somebody, anybody and nobody. There was an important job to be done and everybody was asked to do it. Anybody could have done it but nobody did it. Somebody got angry because of that, because it was everybody’s job. Everybody thought that anybody could do it, and nobody realized that everybody wouldn’t do it. Consequently it wound up that nobody told anybody so everybody blamed somebody.
Everybody is somebody
Somebody is anybody
Anybody is nobody
Nobody is everybody

On making decision

If you have something keep bugging you for quite sometime, and what makes you hesitating for doing it is not because money or time, then you should ask yourself why.

Some of the common reason are:

  1. Scared, because you’re doing it alone
  2. Not confident, because you don’t want to make yourself look bad
  3. Worried, what others think about it

Or at least, those reasons used to be with me.

Anyway, I have a girl friend who likes to ask me or other friends, should I do this or that. We gave our answers and thoughts, she nodded and we had discussions. Then a few weeks later, she came to us and asked the same questions. We still entertained her. This became a cycle, or a pattern.

At first, I’m not sure if the purpose she’s asking was to create a conversation, or she’s a totally indecisive person.

Once I told her, when she thinks of something, weigh it, consider it, think about it, then make a decision. Once you make a decision, don’t look back. In that way, you can allow some other stuffs to think about.

Thinking carefully about it doesn’t mean you need to think about it over and over again. Set a limit for you to think about it, make a decision after weighing the pro and cons.


All about timings

The story continues from my last post..

So what you think about that statement? Or is there anything crossed your mind when you heard about it?

Here’s the story I wanted to share.

I used to have a mindset that working in design industry is the hip of the hip. I know myself well that I don’t have special talents nor creative mind. Although sometimes, I feel that I do have the sense.

Anyway, I like web programming or to be more specific, I like websites. It’s like my working canvas. I had been working as junior web administrator, web designer, and developer so far.

Between this 3 roles, the one I have not exploring much yet is web designer. I thought in the past, I may not be interested in this area anymore because I like to venture out, thriller seeker.

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