What if..

Imagine below situation in your daily life:

  • I plan to cycle tomorrow morning, what if it’s going to rain?
  • I’m thinking to go swimming, what if it’s too sunny and I’ll get sunburn?
  • I’m going to have a test, what if I fail?

And guess what, often, the “what if” scenario which I thought of didn’t happen.

Which reminds me, Ajahn Brahm used to say, why keep thinking what if things go wrong. What if things go right? *smirk*

There are many things which is unpredictable like weather but there are things which can be quite obvious, for example if you don’t study at all, it can be quite tough to pass a test. (Or still be possible if you are super genius?) 😀

Any similar situation happened to you before? Did your what if scenario happen? Or something else happened?

PS: I think I’ll go ahead with my original plan to exercise even if the weather forecast said the chance of rain is 100%. (I’ve been tricked 2x so far) (ha!)

Stay positive, is it hard?

This week post is inspired by a couple of things but the major influence are this book and an interview.

How I came across into this book was I wanted to learn more about some topics related with my work project. While searching for the book, I saw this and the big smiley face grabbed my attention. (It’s been awhile since my last library visit and usually I read e-book but I guess I still love the “feel” of holding the book)

Seungri is my favourite singer from BIGBANG. I admire him because his hardworking attitude and he’s my inspiration to continue studying Japanese. (I know it’s strange, he’s Korean, shouldn’t I be motivated to learn Korean?) 

My answer to that question is yes. I find it hard too. But reading this book and watching the interview it reminds me that it’s harder to give up. So, here are 2 points that help me pull through

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Just a little..

Well, let’s wait for the next one, that’s what I thought when I saw the elevator door is going to close soon. But, a pair of eyes inside looked at me, quickly pressed the button and the door brought to open again. I saw it, fasten my steps towards the elevator, yeah, I managed to go in.

I looked at my saviour, or my little saviour. She’s just around 7 year old, I think. Primary kid most likely to be true. I smiled at her, thanking her for holding the door for me and before I gestured to press my floor, she made the first move asking me, “Which floor are you going to?”

Wow, what kind of attitude, I thought. I told her, “4th floor please”. And quickly added thank you again after it. I was so tired today, I was looking down, the elevator floor. But somehow I can see her observing me from the corner of my eyes. I looked at her, and smiled to her.

When the elevator reached my floor, she’s quickly pressed the button to keep the door open, I looked at her, she’s a lovely kid with big round innocent eyes looked back at me, and I say thank you yah! to her. Somehow I feel an instant booster was injected to me. 🙂

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The Emperor’s Three Question

The first time I listen the story is from Ajahn Brahm podcast (http://www.bswa.org), then I also found this story from his book “Opening the Door for Your Heart”.

Once upon a time there was a young emperor who ask questions to his teachers. None of them could give the young emperor good answers.
His three questions were:
1. When is the most important time?
2. Who is the most important person?
3. What is the most important thing to do?

Therefore the emperor seeks the answer by himself, wandering and experiencing life.

Your guess?

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