A new journey

2 years ago, I began my adventure in a new country. It’s 2.5 years since the first time I had my first job as web developer in Singapore. And now here I am sitting on a sofa, writing this post at my home, accompanied by some k-pop music behind.

So, let’s have a little reflection for today.

What have I done for those time?

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Lessons learnt from the road

One of the reasons I didn’t blog much last month is I was on a week overseas trip. There are some lessons learned within this period. I’d like to make note of it (into different post), as well as sharing it.

This is the first time, I write a series of posts. So, I’m looking forward to hear what you think about it too.


  1. Living virtually
  2. Having fun is harmless, really
  3. Older or wiser, you choose..
  4. Tolerance tested


Open my eyes, I turn myself over
Blink, I realize that today is still Friday
Look around and I saw my luggage around the corner
Thought that today is my flight day

The sky is still dark
Not even a dog bark
Turn on the wireless modem
And, turn on the comp

Read friends’ blogs
Could not deny of being jealous
For them who find their happiness
But told myself that I have my own as they have theirs

Somehow, a thought cross my mind at that time
about people buy presents for their loved ones
before going home on a special time
now i know why and wherefores

Look at the half filled luggage on the floor
Stun with the stuff I bought
Imagine to give that to people I care about
Hope that will make them happy, that’s the main idea

Feel sort of accomplishment
When I look back on my journey
When I make people happy
When I stumble a lot

Suddenly feel silly
About my jealousy
Then feel a little bit queasy
Should just take it easy


Soon I’ll be in my sanctuary
to rest my weary soul
to be with people whom I grow with
to be happy for them
and to share my adventure

Going Home

For those whom going home for celebrating Lunar New Year, have a safe journey.
Wish you to have a festive celebration with your family