Just a little..

Well, let’s wait for the next one, that’s what I thought when I saw the elevator door is going to close soon. But, a pair of eyes inside looked at me, quickly pressed the button and the door brought to open again. I saw it, fasten my steps towards the elevator, yeah, I managed to go in.

I looked at my saviour, or my little saviour. She’s just around 7 year old, I think. Primary kid most likely to be true. I smiled at her, thanking her for holding the door for me and before I gestured to press my floor, she made the first move asking me, “Which floor are you going to?”

Wow, what kind of attitude, I thought. I told her, “4th floor please”. And quickly added thank you again after it. I was so tired today, I was looking down, the elevator floor. But somehow I can see her observing me from the corner of my eyes. I looked at her, and smiled to her.

When the elevator reached my floor, she’s quickly pressed the button to keep the door open, I looked at her, she’s a lovely kid with big round innocent eyes looked back at me, and I say thank you yah! to her. Somehow I feel an instant booster was injected to me. 🙂

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Are you the favorite person of anybody?

Recently a friend gave me this youtube link Are you the favourite person of anybody?

It’s a short movie yet has some meaning for me. He asked me what was on my thought after I watched this and who do I choose among the three people who were asked that question. You should know about the character I’m talking about after you watch it hehe.. 🙂

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You’re fat!

If someone told you that out of reason, then what would your react? Or maybe, some people say something which you feel that the person should not say that to you because it’s somewhat sensitive for you.

Will you be angry or upset to the person or you’re just gonna cool with it?

Before I tell you mine, I’d like to share some stories I remember from Ajahn Brahm. On one of his talk, he mentioned about how to overcome our anger. Some of his points are, instead of focusing on the anger itself, we should try to see other things. The person may not be realize that it would be issues for us – that’s the positive way to see the person. Or, instead of trying to analyze the words, or the person or whatever aspect in that incident, he advised just agree to it. The person who said it may even more furious to us, because his attempt to rob our peace and happiness is not working 🙂

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[thoughts]: dare to challenge myself ?!?

I (most of the time) believe that I will do my best in a very challenging or competitive environment. Well, up to this moment, it works most of the time. It doesn’t really necessary work related issues, I also apply it to almost everything, especially to things that I newly exposed to it – well, I value myself not that adventurous despite I like to play RPG games but I feel that I’m playful enough to enjoy every moments including the unpleasant one :p

Anyway, back to the topic, I’m aware too that most of the time, I will go out of the topic when discussing something or even when I’m alone trying to enjoy the silence 🙂

Here is one of the example,

I like to be participated in social activities, especially in helping other people, can be friends, or completely stranger. It doesn’t necessarily big help – I feel – even small helps will do. The point is, I like to see them happy as it makes me feel happy too, really. 🙂

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It’s more than just the cups

I got this story from a mailist I joined, then made a small effort to translate it before I put it here. I like post and I hope you like it as well.

One day, there is a small reunion of some friends who used to work for the same company. Firstly, they started of their career from low bottom and now, most of them have been on a high position in some large companies. Then, someone has the idea to pay a visit to their very first boss of their company, where they used to work together.

One of them contacted their boss and discussed what the best time for them to come is.

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[thought of the day]: 23 Apr 2009

“It is easy enough to be pleasant when life flows by like a song. But the man worthwhile is one who will smile when everything goes dead wrong.” Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1850-1919, Poet

[discussion]: too busy with myself?

I’m trying to have some quiet time for myself every morning around 15 minutes. Or you can call it, I’m practising to meditate.

I started to realise that every time I began my day with even just brief quiet time, I felt I can pass that day with peace.

My current activities are shifting from job hunting to working preparation. Getting the employment permit done, looking for working shoes, reporting to my country embassy here, opening bank account, and many other administrative works (that excludes the shopping though haha :P)

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Just to be..

Be Well
Be Happy
Be Safe
Be Willing
Be Able
Be Loved
Be Wild
Be Helpful
Be Yourself
and through it all, just remember to JUST TO BE

Those words were on my farewell card from one of my best friends Maree from Australia.

I met her for the first time from Monash International Student Friendship Program. The Monash staff, Renee, matched us up because we live on the same road differs by blocks. She told us that ours is the best match she ever had.

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