my (most) favorite quote

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life – by Steve Jobs.

I’ve been using that quote as my email signature for quite sometimes since I know about it few years back. The rest of the sentences following those quotes are:

Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

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Addicted to Lao Tzu

A few weeks a go, accidentally, I saw a paragraph of Lao Tzu quotes from one of the software I used in my Mac. I googled it – I believe that google is a verb now – that day and I couldn’t find it. Well, maybe I just didn’t put the right words.

This Lao Tzu thingy leaded me to follow Lao Tzu twitter as well – even Lao Tzu has a tweet awesome hey?

Today, somehow my curiosity emerged out of nowhere and made me googled it again. Instead of searching the quote translation, I decided to start from his wiki page and, maybe, I can find some external links to find his works. But, it was negative. 🙁

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One of My Battlestar Galactica Favourites

Admiral Adama: In your opinion, off the record, what was Garner’s flaw?
Major Lee Adama: He was used to working with machines. Command is about people.
Admiral Adama: Remember that, as you take command of “The Beast” (Pegasus). Garner was my decision; his failures, my responsibility. Don’t let me fail a second time. Congratulations, Commander.

Those are the dialogue form a TV series titled Battlestar Galactica – Reimagined Series, or fans usually call it as Battlestar RDM (Ronald D. Moore), or you can even make it shorter BSG RDM. And for your information, it was on episode 17 season 2.

Why those conversation have a deep meaning in my heart?

It flashes back to last year and relates to my present.

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Grasshopper’s Jump

I read this story from  a mailing list, it’s a very nice post and very inspiring. It originally posted in Indonesian, so I decided to translate this into English so that more people can read and more people can gain the benefit. 🙂  And I hope that my translation will be good enough hehe :p

Once upon a time, there is a young smart grasshopper who lives in a forest. This fellow grasshopper is blessed with a finest quality among his peers, his jump is the highest and he’s proud of it. He jumps almost on everything, trees to trees, branches to branches, and one day on his jumping adventure, he saw a village close to the horizon. The village looks peaceful and green. And he wishes to go there.

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Be quick and fast or..

One of the twitter wonder for me, knowing useful links of articles from a friend. He likes to post self learning and motivational websites. Recently, he posted a link, titled “Failing Quickly: Failing can be one of the most productive things you can do.” Curious with the article, I visited the link and it brought me here.

It’s very interesting article if I may say. It highlighted that instead of worrying that you may fail, let’s say, your exams, or maybe you’re worrying because because you’re going to face something big ahead like facing your deadline, why don’t we just face it, get it done, and obtain the result. Most of us, I believe, have tendency to go around and around before doing the main thing. It happens on me at least. People are commonly rather doing something else like trying to distract themselves before the main “course”. For instance, I tend to have this habit before I do mine, for instance I have a new project, difficult one. I will let myself to have a little fun before doing it. It’s more like a mind relaxing for me. But, I realise that sometimes I did that because I was too stress or worry what the outcome would be. Well, I called those times as programmer’s block haha 😀 (reasons to justify my actions hahaha..)

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Just a little..

Well, let’s wait for the next one, that’s what I thought when I saw the elevator door is going to close soon. But, a pair of eyes inside looked at me, quickly pressed the button and the door brought to open again. I saw it, fasten my steps towards the elevator, yeah, I managed to go in.

I looked at my saviour, or my little saviour. She’s just around 7 year old, I think. Primary kid most likely to be true. I smiled at her, thanking her for holding the door for me and before I gestured to press my floor, she made the first move asking me, “Which floor are you going to?”

Wow, what kind of attitude, I thought. I told her, “4th floor please”. And quickly added thank you again after it. I was so tired today, I was looking down, the elevator floor. But somehow I can see her observing me from the corner of my eyes. I looked at her, and smiled to her.

When the elevator reached my floor, she’s quickly pressed the button to keep the door open, I looked at her, she’s a lovely kid with big round innocent eyes looked back at me, and I say thank you yah! to her. Somehow I feel an instant booster was injected to me. 🙂

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Are you the favorite person of anybody?

Recently a friend gave me this youtube link Are you the favourite person of anybody?

It’s a short movie yet has some meaning for me. He asked me what was on my thought after I watched this and who do I choose among the three people who were asked that question. You should know about the character I’m talking about after you watch it hehe.. 🙂

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You’re fat!

If someone told you that out of reason, then what would your react? Or maybe, some people say something which you feel that the person should not say that to you because it’s somewhat sensitive for you.

Will you be angry or upset to the person or you’re just gonna cool with it?

Before I tell you mine, I’d like to share some stories I remember from Ajahn Brahm. On one of his talk, he mentioned about how to overcome our anger. Some of his points are, instead of focusing on the anger itself, we should try to see other things. The person may not be realize that it would be issues for us – that’s the positive way to see the person. Or, instead of trying to analyze the words, or the person or whatever aspect in that incident, he advised just agree to it. The person who said it may even more furious to us, because his attempt to rob our peace and happiness is not working 🙂

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