Some motivational quotes…

If people are coming to work excited . . . if they’re making mistakes freely and fearlessly . . . if they’re having fun . . . if they’re concentrating doing things, rather than preparing reports and going to meetings – then somewhere you have leaders. – Robert Townsend

When he reached the New World, Cortez burned his ships. As a result his crew was well motivated. –
The Hunt For Red October

We know nothing about motivation. All we can do is write books about it. – Peter F. Drucker
Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan, ‘Press on,’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race –
Calvin Coolidge

Even though you may want to move forward in your life, you may have one foot on the brakes. In order to be free, we must learn how to let go. Release the hurt. Release the fear. Refuse to entertain your old pain. The energy it takes to hang onto the past is holding you back from a new life. What is it you would let go of today? – Mary Manin Morrissey author

Nobody is stronger, nobody is weaker than someone who came back.There is nothing you can do to such a person because whatever you could do is less than what has already been done to him. We have already paid the price. –
Elie Wiesel.

Do nothing, nothing to do?

If someone asked me what were my activities for the whole day, then I may be confused about the answer. Why?

Starts with my morning routine, woke up, washed my face and my mouth, drank some water, turned on TV, watched “Early Edition” back-to-back with “The Guardian”, had my breakfast. My mom asked me to be alert if there is someone deliver the food, which means I need to pick it and pay it. I was thinking to go swimming too after finishing my series. I bought 10 swimming vouchers quite while ago and I still have 5 vouchers whereas I will leave to Singapore this Friday. I waited the delivery until my series ended, yet the delivery has not come. Since my mom was on her morning meditation, I can’t just leave like that. I decided to wait until the delivery came. That time was already close to 8.30 in the morning. Then somehow, I just told myself not to force to swim since I would be playing badminton in the afternoon with my ex-colleagues anyway. Otherwise I might be exhausted :p

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Addicted to swimming

These days I spent quite some time for swimming. No particular reason besides to keep healthy. I used to go to spinning class while I was in Melbourne studying. However, gym membership fee is quite expensive in my hometown, not within fair comparison with the salary.

Anyway, I’m not a swimmer back then. I learn swimming while I was in Melbourne too. It was during summer early 2008. Summer in Melbourne is hotter than summer in my country, moreover it’s drier since the hot winds blew from dessert and less high trees since Melbourne has water restriction too. So, summer time are the best time to swim and to play tennis.

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未来(みらい) the Japanese word for future, the post title

Recently, I read one of the Ajahn Brahm writings in his book, Opening the Door for Your Heart, which discusses about fear. He opens the topic with this sentence,

Fear is finding fault with the future.

If only we could keep in mind how uncertain our future is, then we would never try to predict what could go wrong.

Fear ends right there.

I’m pretty sure some of us will think very hard when going out from the comfort zone. Thinking what should we do next, where are we going to, or planning our steps so we won’t mess up on what we do next. Sometimes thinking about whether we made the right decision over a right consideration.

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Learning about priority…

I was absent writing for three days and within that span, I faced one of my biggest fears. Trying my best to get a job.

This is started on Monday evening, I received a notification about phone interview, to determine whether I’ll be needed to fly over for the second test – technical test or not. If I passed this, it’s like half way to go – for my next job. I was so exciting about it, since I sent many applications yet I didn’t hear any news from them. This was the first reply that I had. I asked my senior who already worked there – I’m doing my homework, finding out necessary information which may help me during the interview, browsing through the company website and reading e-books about preparing to be interviewed.

Everything was fine until Wednesday. Suddenly, my other laptop was not operable. It kept displaying Windows Welcome Screen when my brother wanted to use it in the morning. It was hardly to believe, since earlier I was still be able to use it.

*Darn! This will be the third laptop to fix within the last two months. My mind started to panic, since I haven’t backed up any data there, I have my master degree class material, my resume – basically all my data were there.

My concentration was splitted.

After playing badminton with my ex-colleagues, I started to work on that laptop in the evening. I cannot figure out what’s wrong with it. And luckily, my other laptop has been recovered and I was able to browse thourgh the Internet from my other laptop, try to find out the problem and the solution. It took me close to midnight, till I decided to give it up and go to sleep. Well, learning from the experience, doing something past 10 pm will not bring any good, besides my head was aching probably exhausted after the games in the afternoon.

I remembered very clearly that Thursday is the Day. However some of my head was still thinking about the laptop. I was “still” working on my laptop almost the whole day, then somehow, I chatted with some friends and I was able to back to focus again for the interview.

The interview was a bit stiff in the beginning. I was stiff, since I haven’t use English for conversation close to half a year. Oh man! I felt that i was able to give the explanation as neutral as possible. Then after the interview session which took an hour and so, I felt surge of relief. I went to see a friend to pick a CD which might help me to repair my laptop.

This morning, I mentioned about yesterday interview to my senior there. He asked me how was the interview yesterday,  I told him that I thought I was doing fine. Surprisingly, it was not as smooth as I imagined. Well… I was shocked too, somehow. During the discussion, he gave me lots of advices. I was so sad, because most of what he told me was right.

After the conversation, I contemplated about what am I dreaming and reaching about, do I do what I need to do to get there, or do I really want to get that job badly or is it because of something else?

I know, this is the first interview since I sent those applications, and this is the first response that I received. Yet I was down because I heard the “result”. I felt a bit lost :p I turned on my laptop, browse things randomly, until I read one of my writings – which I wrote last year.

From me to me,

As we known before, life obviously is more than just ticking our to-do list.
Other may see it like that, and I just don’t.
Will it be a problem for me?
My answer is no.
It’s my life, like Bon Jovi’s song.
I could find hundreds of reasons to argue with them,
however discussing it with people who disagree with me is more interesting to do.
The reason is I could see different perspective how people see (their) life.
They might try to make me agree with them, try to intimidate me, or the worst thing is try to scared me off.
That’s okay, just let them be.
It’s a natural thing, I did that too sometimes.
When people are in doubt, they will feel more secure by knowing that somebody is agree with them.
People are afraid to be alone, in unknown situation.
If I were in that situation, what will I do next?
Remember, life is about making choices and this is about you afterall not them anymore,
What kind of choices are you going to make?
What kind of person you wanted to be?
Even, you could choose, how you will react to those?
Angry, happy, disappointed, glad?
And always remember, arguing won’t solve the problem.
You might win the situation, but not the heart.
Your winning in that situation is just temporary satisfaction.

Rich people want a simpler life,
Poor people want a better life,
Young people want to be older and wiser,
Old people want to be younger and sillier,
You see, human being are the most difficult being to be pleased.
We have a lot of things to be owned, achieved, and done.

Be peaceful with yourself!

Do one thing at a time, then do the other thing at the other time.
By doing different things you will not get bored easily.
You always have something to do.
When you eat your favourite dishes, usually you will save the best for the last.
Do that!
Enjoy the “journey”, enjoy every moment when you are doing something.
So, you will remember those as a nice memory.
Or even when you had unpleasant things, just enjoy it because it means you get different things.
By thinking like that, you shift your frequency.
You wouldn’t that pissed anymore.
(from Ajahn Brahm)

How about if you had to juggle with different things in the same time?
The answer is still the same, enjoy it.
See it differently, from different point of view.
See it that, you are capable now, for doing a lot of things.
See it that, you will do things differently now.
Out of your habit.
A challange.
An adventure! Like in RPG.
It’s just the matter how you deal with things,
nothing is related with “yourself” anyway.

The point is, enjoy your life.
Be yourself
which means, don’t let others intimidate or scare you.
Just agree with them if they are trying to do it, it will piss them off. (Ajahn Brahm, again)
which means, do something according to your age.
If you are young, just do like young people do, let it loose, don’t be afraid to try different things.
When you are old, be happy with it, which means you have experience in a lot of things.

So, which kind of life do you want?
Just ask your heart
Listen to it

By being happy with your life, you will influence people to be happy with their life.
Happy is contagiuos!

I feel somewhat better and my spirit lifted-up somehow. I was supposed to have hang outs with old university friends this evening and previously I was thinking to skip it, yet I felt that I need different atmosphere. I joined them and I really felt much better now. Well, at least I can see it clearly what actions should be taken after this.


Dare to be different?

Still related to my previous post, about being realist or idealist, now I was asked this question, do I brave enough to be different?

It is my nature to deeply think about something, even I often had some sleepless nights when something important was coming closer and closer. I used not to be like that, but just different symptomps haha :p. When I was junior high and senior high, I tend to be nervous till I can’t think clearly. As I enter my university, I had gastric pain when I was exhausted and stressed. Now, it moves to upper part, my brain. The more I think about something, I can’t release it from my head therefore, I can’t sleep at night.

In relation to it, I had some lately. The reason is simple, I’m taking decision which surprised many people, as if it was’t me. Yes, it’s still related to my resign decision. People think I’m too impulsive. The job market is not in it’s good condition since the economical reces, even after America elected its new president. Looking for a job maybe harder than before.

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Idealist vs realist

Is it okay to be idealist? Or should we be realist? This question often popped out in my head nowadays. There are two recent activities which made that floated in my mind.

The first one is yesterday when I drive my mom for monthly grocceries shopping.

I told her everything about my (previous) working place. I was able to explain the condition in my working place without losing my patience. I was taking my time to describe the condition from one department to another, the work colleagues issues, and many more. In the other hand, my mom was patiently listening to me and giving some comments. She was not judging me whether I was wrong or not yet she was not supporting me. Just listen to me. Thus, somehow, there were some urge inside asking me to tell her about my plan (after I decided to resigned for work).

Well, my parents quite woried about me since I resigned from my work. I didn’t tell them much about it when I decided to do it, yet my future plan. So, it’s quite normal isn’t it?

I’ll explain the second reason before discussing the main topic.

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Do your job with all your heart or do not

If you were asked, which one do you choose do your work as it is, or do it whole-heartedly. Let’s say, that your working hour is from 8-5, will you or will you not work overtime if you still have some works to do?
This is the question that floating in my mind recently. Well, it’s quite obvious that when you’re into something 24 hours seems not enough, isn’t?

Okay let’s begin the story with what happens in my work place.
It’s a private institute which specialized in engineering field. I don’t know whether it’s typical of “geek” or what, not only the students but also the lecturers seem having difficulties to work in team. What makes working together as a team more difficult is the stubbornness, and unwilling to negotiate or open to other possibility. That’s classic.
Recently, I was working on few events simultaneously. Like the old saying, preparation requires all the hard work rather than the real event takes place. So, I did all my best so that the event can go well.

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