Topics of the month

This month I’m trying something new, I will post a series of article that points to same idea.
The posts are solely inspired by some books I read recently, “the secret”, “happiness in hard times” series, “opening the door of your heart” and “the last lecture”.

Older or wiser, you choose

This trip was special. I celebrated my birthday with new (close) friends, on another country adventuring. Hong Kong is the fourth country I have my birthday.

Birthday Cake

Usually on my birthday, my mom will cook mee-suah (面线) for me. It’s been a tradition in my family to eat noodles on our special occasion, such as birthday. Noodle means longevity by the way. Since I studied in Melbourne before, my mom can’t do it but she still asked me to make my own or at least I still eat it. So, it’s part of birthday routine I had many years.

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Blogger apprentice

On one afternoon, my friend sent me a personal message through messenger. He noticed that I update my blog on daily basis recently. He compliment me for being able to write regularly and told me that he is struggling with finding ideas for his personal blog.

This friend actually has another blog, about JavaScript programming. I read his occasionally and I find it was well written. He provides examples and detail instructions, as well as theory behind it and tips for practical programming.

So, I have idea, to share my experience on writing a blog Continue reading “Blogger apprentice”

When resisting is not working

What do I mean by resisting?

Alright, according to online dictionary Merriam-Webster, resist means:

intransitive verb
: to exert force in opposition
transitive verb
1 : to exert oneself so as to counteract or defeat <he resisted temptation>
2 : to withstand the force or effect of <material that resists heat>


My version, to resist is not to acknowledge something which is usually associated with bad things. You can name activities like gambling, stealing, or using drugs. I don’t such experience nor have friends who did that so far. And, the resisting process I’m talking here is related to someone you care about, someone whom you are close with.

Possible Scenario

Your best friend is addicted to online games; he/she used up all their parents money which are supposed to pay for their education, to pay the game. Or, one of your family is addicted into gambling. What would you do?

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Open my eyes, I turn myself over
Blink, I realize that today is still Friday
Look around and I saw my luggage around the corner
Thought that today is my flight day

The sky is still dark
Not even a dog bark
Turn on the wireless modem
And, turn on the comp

Read friends’ blogs
Could not deny of being jealous
For them who find their happiness
But told myself that I have my own as they have theirs

Somehow, a thought cross my mind at that time
about people buy presents for their loved ones
before going home on a special time
now i know why and wherefores

Look at the half filled luggage on the floor
Stun with the stuff I bought
Imagine to give that to people I care about
Hope that will make them happy, that’s the main idea

Feel sort of accomplishment
When I look back on my journey
When I make people happy
When I stumble a lot

Suddenly feel silly
About my jealousy
Then feel a little bit queasy
Should just take it easy


Soon I’ll be in my sanctuary
to rest my weary soul
to be with people whom I grow with
to be happy for them
and to share my adventure

Going Home

For those whom going home for celebrating Lunar New Year, have a safe journey.
Wish you to have a festive celebration with your family

5 self asking question which help to motivate ourselves

In my previous post, I listed how to tackle bad mood. One of them is recognizing the cause of it (writing my thought down). So, below is a short list of questions which help me to find out the cause.

1. Do I expect too much?

2. Do I enjoy what I’m doing?

3. Do I need it or do I want it?

4. Do I worry about the outcome?

5. Have I really done anything to achieve it?


5 possible reasons for you to start blogging

If you ever consider to own a blog and you put it aside afterward then you might like this. The reasons I like to blog are:

1. I like to take notes.

Take Note

I found that taking note helps me to remember the lessons I just learn. Before blogging platforms were popular (or even before the Internet was a hit), I wrote quite a lot from daily activities to fiction. (yes, I even believe that I may be a writer one day) There are times when I need to tidy up my drawer, I saw my notes and I reread them. I found that I was so silly (most of the times) and surprised that I did that. So, those notes are proofs that I grow, learn and mature from day to day. And, knowing that is a prize for me, to keep me to be stronger and wiser.

2. I can straighten my thoughts before any interuptions.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy to be accompanied, but I lost track after interuptions. Well, I still need to improve my focus too though. This process is like making the thread inside my head straight. I can have many threads inside, and sometimes I work on different threads at once. Thus writing helps me a lot.

3. I like to play with words.

I don’t have particular language or literature studies. But I have great interest in language, I like to learn different way in expressing something.

4. I like to tell stories.

Having younger brother makes me used to tell him about many things.

5. Last one and most important is I wish to inspire others through my writing.

It’s a very big dream for me. It’s tge fact that everyone grows with differently like culture or live on the other side of the world. But there are chances to have similar problem. I always believe that the chances are still quite high. By sharing my thoughts or my experince, I will increase my chance to closer to my dream. I’m working it through.

In conclusion, if you want to have your own blog yet you keep hesitate to start or keep procrastinating, you may want to spend some time to contemplate what are the things that you like. It’s easier to do something that you like. 🙂 Happy blogging!