Putting our effort on present to conquer the future

Have you ever thought that getting something we want in the future is easier than we thought? It can be our goal, or dream, or how we want ourselves to be. We often think that it’s hard to achieve, long way to get it or we might even think no way I’m going to get it.

Here is a little bit story from me, to remind us about it.

Bowling pins

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to THINK or to WISH

Another short post this week from me is inspired by a book titled “Happiness Now” by Andrew Matthews.

In one of the chapter, he mentioned about the difference between thinking and wishing. With respect to the writer, I’ll retell the main point. It’s a very interesting book, I think you should read it. It will give you different perspective on seeing things especially your life.


Firstly, which one is more often happened to you? Thinking about something what you want or wishing about it? Choose one, and read more to find out.

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Capturing the best picture

As a refresher in between some personal development post I usually I write, I would like to share a story. Some weeks ago, I went to a short hike with group of friends. There were 6 of us, three girls and three boys. Almost all of us bring camera, from pocket camera to digital SLR camera (I counted out mobile phone camera in this case, although that some mobile phone can produce not so bad picture)

Handersen's Wave

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Debugging my life

Slightly related to previous post I wrote about the point where we faced difficulties on some stages of our life. Those big challenges sometimes related with making mistakes. As a web programmer, I spend my day writing a code to help my colleagues life easier and more efficient in doing their works; building a system that used to manage projects and many more.

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What I learn from running

Although I consider myself don’t have special talent for sports or belong to born for sports group, I like to play sports and tried different kinds of them. But among all them, running is my weakest spot.


The main reason is, I don’t have much stamina to run fast. When I was a kid, I always terrified when I was going to have physical examination, especially running. On different level of my school year, I had 100 meters dash, 1 km run, 2 km run and 5 km run. Sometimes those distances were measured by how many laps we should run on a field.

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Loving ourselves

I like this idea when I heard it for the first time.

Not everyone can accept this, some of my friend feel that it’s a selfish thing to do.

I don’t try to sell this concept, but I think we can think about it. Why?

Self Love

I’d like to use one real world example. When we’re on a plane, the flight attendants will do some demonstration about safety. How we buckle up our belts, point out the emergency exits and it also includes what should we do when the cabin pressure is dropped. Oxygen mask will drop from its compartment above our head. They will show is how to use it and they said, please do it to yourself before helping others including children.

I don’t see that it is a selfish thing to love ourselves. Because by taking care ourselves, we can do more, including helping other people.

But it’s difficult to love ourselves, because the common concept is to sacrifice for other and disregard our happiness or safety.

So, sometimes what I do is, I see myself as someone who needs help. I should help me by taking care of myself so that I can solve “me” problem.

Patience about life


Life will give what we need, not what we want.

Everything will come in the right time and place.

All we need is patience. And a little bit of wisdom.

The wisdom is to know when to let go or when to preserve. To identify what we trully want or what we need from the rest.

I used to dream that I’m going to overseas, working and living there, or having scholarship, or making international friends. I used to think it’s beyond my reach. I walked step by step, I only know that I’m moving towards it; I’m building my way to achieve my dream.

There are times when I’m not patience enough to wait. It’s like you cook a steak and you keep turn your food or flip it upside down. As a result the steak was hard, not juicy, and maybe chewy, which I’m sure it’s not the steak you want.

A saying, patience is a virtue, is real; not just a bullshit.

I get to achieve some of my dreams, and still have some left, I’m still walking towards it.

Keep positive even if you’re in the middle of a storm

It’s not easy or easily said than done, but the fruit of it is sweet. You may even get something surprising from life.

No matter hard it is, you can learn something or make something out of it.