Loving ourselves

I like this idea when I heard it for the first time.

Not everyone can accept this, some of my friend feel that it’s a selfish thing to do.

I don’t try to sell this concept, but I think we can think about it. Why?

Self Love

I’d like to use one real world example. When we’re on a plane, the flight attendants will do some demonstration about safety. How we buckle up our belts, point out the emergency exits and it also includes what should we do when the cabin pressure is dropped. Oxygen mask will drop from its compartment above our head. They will show is how to use it and they said, please do it to yourself before helping others including children.

I don’t see that it is a selfish thing to love ourselves. Because by taking care ourselves, we can do more, including helping other people.

But it’s difficult to love ourselves, because the common concept is to sacrifice for other and disregard our happiness or safety.

So, sometimes what I do is, I see myself as someone who needs help. I should help me by taking care of myself so that I can solve “me” problem.

Patience about life


Life will give what we need, not what we want.

Everything will come in the right time and place.

All we need is patience. And a little bit of wisdom.

The wisdom is to know when to let go or when to preserve. To identify what we trully want or what we need from the rest.

I used to dream that I’m going to overseas, working and living there, or having scholarship, or making international friends. I used to think it’s beyond my reach. I walked step by step, I only know that I’m moving towards it; I’m building my way to achieve my dream.

There are times when I’m not patience enough to wait. It’s like you cook a steak and you keep turn your food or flip it upside down. As a result the steak was hard, not juicy, and maybe chewy, which I’m sure it’s not the steak you want.

A saying, patience is a virtue, is real; not just a bullshit.

I get to achieve some of my dreams, and still have some left, I’m still walking towards it.

Keep positive even if you’re in the middle of a storm

It’s not easy or easily said than done, but the fruit of it is sweet. You may even get something surprising from life.

No matter hard it is, you can learn something or make something out of it.


We are what we think

My parents taught me to learn and do some good activities and make it as habit. Once it become your habit, you will do it no matter how hard it seems.

I often heard my friends asking, how I can exercise regularly like at least twice a week, and I do it before I’m going to work.


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Too many should to be happy

Should have a stable job to be happy

Should find a boyfriend/girlfriend to be happy

Should be on ideal weight to be happy

Should have a great body to be happy

Should have pretty face to be happy

Should get married before 30

Should buy a house after getting married

Should eat organic food to be healthy

Should go to abroad to be happy

Too many should to be happy. Should set expectation to other people and most of all, to ourselves.

How many should do we need to do so that we can be happy?

To be happy is to be content with what you have at this moment. Let’s appreciate it.

Meet my first student

I just reading “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch. In this book, it mostly about how Randy live his life, his approaches to solve problem, his view, his adventure and his mentors. He shared to the audience, us, how he learned a lot from his football coach, how he met his wife and most of all, how he embrace death.

On one of his chapters, he talk about his university life. How he deals with his students which reminds me of my own experience.

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Topics of the month

This month I’m trying something new, I will post a series of article that points to same idea.
The posts are solely inspired by some books I read recently, “the secret”, “happiness in hard times” series, “opening the door of your heart” and “the last lecture”.

Older or wiser, you choose

This trip was special. I celebrated my birthday with new (close) friends, on another country adventuring. Hong Kong is the fourth country I have my birthday.

Birthday Cake

Usually on my birthday, my mom will cook mee-suah (面线) for me. It’s been a tradition in my family to eat noodles on our special occasion, such as birthday. Noodle means longevity by the way. Since I studied in Melbourne before, my mom can’t do it but she still asked me to make my own or at least I still eat it. So, it’s part of birthday routine I had many years.

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