Double black

Lesson of the day: Something may not as easy as we thought when we do it ourselves, but it is worth the effort to do it.

Outbound activity

Last week Saturday, my company was having a team building activity, obstacle course. The course is coded into 4 difficulties level on different sites, and there are 4 sites. Green, blue, red and black are the colors to represent the easiest to the most difficult one.

So, why is it exciting?

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Forget and forgive

Lesson of the day: No matter how much information you have, if you only keep it for yourself, it will not bring us anywhere.

Forgive and Forget

When you read newspaper or listen to radio or skim through some articles on the Internet, you may think for a second that those are not new anymore for you. You may experience it, or know it through other means. It happens to everyone, almost, and it happened to me recently.

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Having positive attitude

Lesson of the day: have positive attitude, the negative will take care of itself.

Firstly, what is your definition of having positive attitude?

Positive Attitude

I will start with one example, from one point in our life that everyone of us experienced this many times. We were worried that we might not be able to pass our final exam. We worried what are the questions that might be written on the exam paper. We worried that the material that we don’t really understand will be asked in the exam. We think about it over and over again while we were studying. As a result, we didn’t really remember what we are studying, all our worries are coming true.

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How to quit being a quitter

Lesson of the day: set a goal when you start something new, evaluate it when you reach the goal, don’t stop till you reach it or you will regret later.

When you start something new, do you think of quitting in the middle because it’s too much for you? For example, when you start a new job and the working load is more than you expected, or when you join a marathon (although you’re not a regular runner and you don’t train specifically for this).


Do you like to be a quitter?

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To be popular

If you’re following my tweet, some time last week you may find article about recent narcissism trend caused by facebook. You can find the article from (click here to read it). It is a very interesting study, I say. Based on that article, definition of narcism is “a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration and an exaggerated sense of self-importance.

And, somewhere in the middle the article states that:

The study postulated that narcissists would show more overall Facebook activity than average users and that their activity would be more self-promotional, either descriptively or superficially. The survey’s results showed “significant positive correlations between narcissism and self-promotional content in the following areas: Main Photo, View Photos , Status Updates and Notes.”

That describes me quite well, I thought. Or, at least the self promotional part.

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Bite one mouthfull at a time

Today’s lesson: when there are too many things to handle, do only one thing, finish it, and move on to the next thing. Do not think too much, nor complain too much, do it diligently, you will amazed on the progress you made after that.

If my last two posts were describing what have I learned during my trip, then in this post I’d like to stress out some points from those.

One Bite One Burger

Last week, I was panic because there were lots of things to do after returning from my trip. I couldn’t think well partly due to I was tired after the trip. I decided to jolt down all the tasks that I need to do (although I still contemplating how can I finish it within that days)

Reaching home, I made myself relax by reading a book, and guess what, I found one piece of advice that I needed.

Get rid of pessimism and boost the confidence up

Some people may always look confident on different situations, like in a party, during presentation, during a meeting with clients or even while hang out with friends. Meanwhile, some other people may look totally the opposite. They don’t look enthusiast, low spirited, try to hide themselves, speak low about themselves. I describe those two based on the book I read before, extrovert (confident) person and introvert (pessimist) person.


Even if you feel that you are a confident person, sometimes you may have some doubts about what are you going to do or maybe not confident enough to do some tasks. In this case what is the difference between the optimist and the pessimist?

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Putting our effort on present to conquer the future

Have you ever thought that getting something we want in the future is easier than we thought? It can be our goal, or dream, or how we want ourselves to be. We often think that it’s hard to achieve, long way to get it or we might even think no way I’m going to get it.

Here is a little bit story from me, to remind us about it.

Bowling pins

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