The best give up need to make

This week inspiration is from this.

How often you think “Ah, this won’t work” or “If it’s this, I don’t think I can make it”?

Honestly, I often doubt myself. Especially when I deal with a new thing and I have very little information. Although on one side of myself is screaming with excitement about the adventure, the other side is the doubting and worrying about it.

「諦める事を諦めました」青石花笑        I’m giving up about giving up – Aoishi Hanae


This is the advice that the female lead gave to her colleague when he was down after being turned down by the lady he likes (many times).

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List, details, prioritize and celebrate

This week reading link.

I admit that I was busy spinning around in 2014 and I didn’t feel really accomplished, because I wasn’t able to focus on getting my plan completed. I was easily drifted into something else. Like a small kid easily attracted to candy.

So, one of my missions this year is to read a new blog post per week and share my learning or relate my own experience. It may not be a breakthrough science, but sometimes we need a reminder about old stuff, don’t we?

Here is what works for me these days.
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Lessons from Candy Crush

1. When you fail, replay it. Sometimes you just get bad candies
2. Sometimes when everything is aligned, you’ll get showered by combos
3. You need help from others to move forward
4. When you’re running out of live, get a rest. Don’t force yourself, get a rest, replenish your energy, you’ll be able to work effectively after that
5. You don’t need to always get the combo, sometimes you need to prepare first to get the combo
6. When you have money, you can speed things up by buying some helps

My Candy Crush experience is actually quite late after the hype subsided. In a way, it’s addictive to complete a level. So, please play moderately

Lessons from Angry Birds Epic

1. There is trick for every fight. – Rovio
I like to finish my fight as soon as possible so I tend to use high power birds. However, sometimes you need to be patient in a fight, not all can be solved by using power, but need strategy

2. On getting 3 stars.
Getting 3 stars is awesome, but sometimes we just need to meet the bare minimum so that we can move forward. When we are stronger, we can go back and get that 3 stars

3. On buying items
Yes, strong items help. But we still need to play with strategy.

4. Know the team better
I was frustrated with my team because I can’t pass a stage. My wise brother told me, read one by one what’s their strength and weakness, both the birds and the piggies.

Getting impatient

Recently I was watching “Miss Pilot”, a Japanese drama, about a lady who has easy going personality and not particularly smart but has a good heart. She was accepted as pilot trainee and surprised that she pass the preliminary screening. (maybe you think that it’s very typical scenario in drama right?)

When she was in training with other candidates, they started with different job role before having pilot training. They were thinking that all of those are useless and doesn’t help them in becoming pilot. So they are restless and stress if they are actually on the right track to become a pilot.

Their instructor didn’t want to help them directly but indirectly giving them few hints.

All of those are necessary because a plane can’t take off if they don’t run in the runway and they have to reach certain speed before taking off. So, those chores are their runway preparation.

Sometimes we just too impatient when we can’t get what we want. Then, we started to doubt ourselves that can we do it? or maybe asking “does this suit me?”.

1. We need to have clear master plan to achieve our goal. And take note the results of each milestone. By tracking and evaluating it, we will be able to determine if we really make progress.

2. If our goal is too big to achieve, for example world domination, break it into smaller steps. It will make it easier to reach and accomplish. Once we get one down, move on to next one.

Also, have a talk with your friends, sometimes it helps to see things differently.

Do you have similar experience? Getting impatient because your goal seems too hard to reach?

Appreciate and praise

If you bumped into someone you haven’t met for quite sometime and they mentioning something you good at, how would you feel? Happy, naturally, right?

A monk used to mention this many times in his talk and his book as well. That, a praise will get you anywhere. Because we like to be praised, to be appreciated.

But most of us didn’t feel it or didn’t get it. Sometimes we had done our very best effort, but other people failed to recognize it. Instead they find your faults.

So when that happened, what we are doing next is the most important part. Are we going to become upset? Are we going to angry at the other party because they can’t see the effort we are putting in?

There is a saying, a feeling is something you need to communicate to the other party. Instead of angry, or upset, we should get a time, to communicate it in proper way.

I know it’s easier said than done because when you’re already pissed with the other party, it may take time to cool down and to have proper talk. I’m not the best person who can do that, but I told myself take your time, sort your feelings and thoughts.

If you’re a people person, try to talk to different people to get different view or vibes. Sometimes they may give you totally the opposite view, but it will be like a wake up call or eye opener to us. Or you can also meet up with someone you have not met for quite sometime. The convo between you and them will give you extra energy.

If you’re not people person, take some quiet time, give it some thoughts. Sometimes go back to read old books helps.

Sometimes you have give the other party benefit of the doubts. They probably really clueless about our effort.

Finally at the end of the day, the important part is, do we recognize our effort? If so, what other people doesn’t matter anymore.

The required price

Last week I attended a talk in a very cool office space. I praised the organiser that they have such a cool office, and they replied, it comes with the stress too.

I think most of us has something that we want to achieve but most of the time we don’t want to pay the price. For example, we want to get a good quality of cloth, but we don’t want to pay the price. Well of course, sometimes we have to shop smart too because it may over priced, right? 

Or, if I expanded it into another situation. We want to do something new then after hitting a wall, we said to ourselves, 辞めようかな (maybe it’s better if we quit) or it doesn’t suit me at all. 

Of course, that wall can also be a way to measure if we have the ability to pay the price. So, when it happened to us, it doesn’t necessarily bad. Let pause for  a while and give it a think. If you think, we can afford the price, why don’t give it a try?

6 best shared contents in my Facebook feed this week

I read in Mashable that Facebook recently changed their algorithm to display updates from our friends and brand page we like. Some of my friends said they are not surprise since they feel “spammed” in their Facebook feed by bad content.

Before reading it, I feel the same way too that the more you interact with a person they more likely it will appear in your news feed.

If you have thousands of friends in your list, you may want to start to pay attention who you’re good friends are or who really matters to you.

Nevertheless, these following posts appear in my news feed within this week (or maybe last week too?). I felt inspired after seeing these

you can’t control what people share on Facebook, but you can control how you will react to it

we are nice to people not because they are nice, but because we are

want a real challenge, be brave to be not lazy

you benefit when other people imitate you because it help you to explore multiple variations around your solution that you couldn’t pursue on your own

respect people who find time for you in their busy schedule. Love people who never look at their schedule when you need them

the world is filled up with funny people here they do exactly the opposite of what they really want. They are trying to do what they really scared to happen instead of doing what they wish to happen

Do you have the same frustration with your Facebook feed? Or maybe it’s time for me to quit Facebook? Ha!