When having one plan is not enough

How do you usually plan something? Usually I build one plan and if it’s not working then move on to next plan. But recently I find that 3 out of 5 plan didn’t work out and I need to use next plan. I find this quite “tiring”.

Being perfectionist myself, I like to plan thoroughly. So I spend quite sometime in building one plan. When the success rate is not in my favour these days, I get discouraged of planning. Or rather, I have high expectation about my plan but it was not going well as I thought.

I learned in the hard way.

After talking to some friends, here is what I concluded

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Becoming champion at work

Happy Lunar New Year.!
Hope you have a great time with your family and loved ones. And hopefully we have great prosperous year ahead.

So, in midst of this festive season, here is this week short inspiration for our mind. Check this post.

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Why this? Why that?

After all the hard work organizing something, some friends didn’t turn up.
After all the long nights revising, turned out that what we study wasn’t included for the exam.

Then we asked ourselves, why?

I’m sure that we are all in those situations. (Or probably worse?) and we feel stress because it didn’t go as we plan.

At the back of my head I can hear my teachers in life will say, don’t think too much about it.

Although to think about it is part if my nature (or used to be worse, by adding self blaming activity ;)) sometimes we just need to keep moving forward. We can’t let those weigh us down to get what we want to do.

At least, we should ask ourselves, have we done something? Even a small action can lead to a big thing. No action means nothing is going to happen later.

I’m sure we are able to be better in reacting to these kind of events, right?

After saying “after”

“I’ll do this after I finished my exam”
“I’ll relax and do nothing after this busy month”
“I’ll enjoy my life after I’m retired”
“I’ll start to exercise after ..”
“I’ll be peaceful and relax after taking holiday”
“I’ll sleep more after the presentation”

And after many “after”s, usually we will be busy again. With something else.

So, find your peace, do your activities or get your rest in between your activities. Don’t depend on “after”.

I’ll be satisfied after I post this. Really?

Should we or shouldn’t we

When we say we should, it means we think that we are right and others are wrong. (Or worse, the universe is at fault)

And what happened next? Disappointment.

The rain should stop because I want to go out. It may happen, but most likely won’t happen. (Unless you’re Bruce Almighty, perhaps)

I should be able to find taxi because I’m in a rush. It may happen, but rain comes. (Sometimes, it’s hard to get into a cab when it rains in Singapore)

I should be able to reach the place early by public transport because tonight I’ll sleep early. What happen is, your neighbor made a noise and you can’t sleep early as planned and you’re rushing for your appointment.

And many more “should”s.

When we say we should, we are imposing our belief to the universe, wanting it to work according what we want to.

In his book, Andrew Matthew said, think that I want A, but if B happened, it’s ok too. Therefore we won’t be easily upset over small things.

So, use “should” carefully 😉 and more importantly to have our expectation right.

Freeing up our heart space

I heard this terminology from a talk quite a while ago. I didn’t really get what it mean until recently.
To give some background about the speaker, he’s a monk and sometimes he has to give counseling to his people. People who has session with him, will throw all their concerns to him. But does he overwhelmed with their stories? He said, he didn’t. The simile that he used is to become rubbish bin without bottom.
Sometimes we experienced it too isn’t it? People around us are throwing things to us and not all of them are pleasant. Easily our mood is influenced by it. Right?
(Or at least that’s what happened to me) :p
It doesn’t mean that we don’t have empathy about them. We give them our time with all we got when we listen to their stories. However, do we let the story stay?
Well, I’m in IT line, so I’ll use terms from a world I’m very familiar with and come with my version.
Our computer needs maintenance from time to time too. We need to remove unnecessary things to keep some space so the operating system can perform well.
If our heart is like computer hard drive, we can’t keep piling things up or keep storing things. (Well we can expand the space by adding external hard drive though, can we?)
Be a RAM or computer memory. We use it well when it’s necessary at that point of time, after that, we let it go.
There is a restart option, when things get so too much and we can’t work efficiently, let’s restart ourselves.
Lastly, don’t forget to “shut down” and “charge” our battery by resting when it’s time to rest.
When we regain our energy, we will work much much better.
So what’s your hack to yourself when people are throwing things on you?

Accidentally offended

I think most of my friends know how I love Apple, or idolized Steve Jobs. I simply inspired by him since listening to his commencement speech at Stanford back in 2005.

Recently, there is A who likes to loathe about her iPhone. Anything wrong with her phone, she will blame Apple. How stupid is the reason to change the wide pin charging cable into lightning pin, or the common woes for every iPhone users, the battery. Basically she’s an unhappy iPhone user.

At first I was puzzled when she said iCloud is not secured while saving contact in Google is safer.. She should see the Scroogled videos by Microsoft.

Maybe you think I’m silly or wasting my brain to think over her opinion about it. Well, basically I’m just curious on what ground she made that statement.

Few days after that she cursed Apple again. This time I don’t bother to think about it. I concluded that she’s basically just an unhappy grumpy iPhone user.

I always take that if one product doesn’t suit you, why bother to loathe it.. Just change it, if it makes you that unhappy. A device should serve us, not the other way around. And, I usually don’t say it, but yes.. I’m offended by groundless statement especially when it comes to my fave brand (I know that they have their flaw, but yes, I have enough of other flaw too). Since there is no brand is perfect, why don’t do something more positive like submitting a suggestion rather than spreading it like virus. I demand peace and harmony even for technology items.

PS: sometimes I’m glad to have these people around me, they are my inspiration to blog
PPS: this post is written with some sarcasms and bitterness, should not be taken seriously, but you can take it seriously too (lol)

Avoid burnt out

(Found my Dec 2010 scribble)

One: identify the trigger. It can be:

  • Crash between priority
  • Bored
  • Physical fitness level low

Two: find practical solution to solve it:

  • Get rest
  • Write down