The lessons from traveling alone

Have you ever travelled alone? Or often travel alone either for leisure or business. For me, I don’t usually travel alone for both cases.

Well, flying alone to other place is normal to me, but usually I’ll meet someone at the destination and going travel together.

When you’re traveling with your friends in those foreign land, it’s very comforting to always have someone to converse with in language you are comfortable to speak. In cases of the place of destination doesn’t speak English well, it gives me extra “chill”. Therefore, it’s reassuring to have someone you can speak to. When you have some questions to ask or just about to tell the other party about what we want.

I often consult Uncle Google when I need to find something. It is surely convenient and help me not to speak too much with other people when I need help. But there is part of me which itch to have interactions with people, especially the locals.

Sometimes with limited language of the country I visited, I find it enjoyable to have a little lost in translation moment. (The other part is stress). Of course, not in urgent cases like late for train or plane or something.

Another thing is, I don’t like to have a packed trip, back to back from one place to another and having a solo trip is allowing me to really enjoy the place without having need to run from one to another.

Having said that, sometimes it’s okay to have packed trip. But not too often. While some find it refreshing, I find it tiring (ha!)

So after a few solo trip to those countries, I become used to it. Or so I think.

Note to self would be:

  • One, is to learn to be comfortable with yourself.
  • Two, is to know your travel style. Which can be found out from travel often. (It might change depends on the phase of our life)
  • Three, is to embrace the uncertainty. The language, the culture, the people.
  • Four, is to simplify our luggage. To my case it’s actually help me to find out what are the things I must bring, for example Luffy

Luffy with bnbplus

  • Fifth, don’t let worry stop you to go alone. Why didn’t I do this earlier? I think my fear of unable to communicate stopped me.

But of course, having travel buddy which match your style would be best, because you can share the excitement.