A lesson from 7 years ago

Every morning Facebook pushed a notification about what happened few years ago – aka Memories.

And I usually will scroll all the way down, to find the oldest memory of that day.

Today is one of the memorable one. A lesson from a friend

If you like public attention and to be under the limelight, then leadership is not your thing. You should consider to become celebrity instead.

A leader leads and does many things behind the scene, so that public can enjoy the results. ~ TC

My boss like to say, “that’s good” and he will say he’s happy with what I’m doing. (I should update him more often) then “this this and this keep it up” and so on. Then he will give advice which area I should improve on. Sometimes I’ll have some long discussion with him about something. Which I thought initially he wasn’t happy or didn’t agree with how I do things. Later I found out from my seniors and having more interaction with him, that he simply wants to understand better.

Since we came from different backgrounds and obviously he has longer career than me, his thinking is different than how I see things. Sometimes I see it in a very present moment point of view. Then he advised, think slightly longer.

I don’t see me as a leader (yet) I still pretty much enjoy to be a front line person. But who knows what my future can be .. hoho..