End of year reflection

So, this is it. We are at year end, or rather the last month of this year. It’s still first week, isn’t it? A little early to do it, no?

This post will be a long one. As these are dedicated to few moments in 2017.

Well, I think it’s never too early for anything, as having too much time sometimes make me procrastinate more.

First, about fandom.

Ever since I watched Thor Ragnarok, tumblr and Pinterest had sucked my soul. And after quenching the thirst of MCU, I feels like I should watch another British production.

So, I’m having catch up with Sherlock series by BBC. It’s overdue since few years ago. I know it’s another fandom, which can make you stay there forever.

When I proofread my blog, I’m reading it in Sherlock (or rather Cumberbatch’s) sassy tones. Really.

Fast forward few weeks, now is Christmas weekend and I finally completed my Sherlock catch up, with some replays in some of the episodes. That’s a good thing to do binge watch, I don’t feel tormented while waiting for the new episodes.

I tried to focus on just following Japanese only drama to practice listening, but I don’t feel the motivation anymore.

Lesson to note: don’t try too hard or go extreme on one thing. Be balance. Like diet, when you deprived yourself from one thing, the rebound will be double.

Second, about races in 2017.

This week, I tidied up my agenda, joined the first half which I took out, with the second half, prepped the 2018 agenda and rewrote the first 3 months into it.

I told myself, you did well in 2017.

Maybe, it sounds like self consolation, but I think, most of the times we didn’t acknowledge ourselves enough. Get jealous when friends are happy, competing who has more happy things or even sufferings. Strange isn’t it. But that happened to me sometimes.

After tidying up the agenda, it made me wanted to tidy up one of my wardrobe as well. The sport gears and the race bibs & medals. Here are the 2017 collection.

2017 medals

Then, it leads to find the precious years medals

All medals

I found the “key” that started all of these, it flashed back to 2010.

Yellow Ribbon 2010

“One ring to rule them all” for me is “one run to start them all” but I’m happy where I am today. Perhaps it’s one of the best decision I made few years ago.

Lesson to note: when you challenge yourself for something and you need to practice or train for it, it will teach you something. Whether you cross the finish line or not. It’s the journey.

(Which leads to) Third, about younger self.

I find that sometimes my younger self is wiser. When I read my past blog, or randomly found my notes/scribble commenting on my life events or decided to do something (most of it on impulse) which makes my current self think it was a great decision or cool thing to do or try.

Or maybe I’m just getting old and sentimental :p

Lesson to note: being organized is good, but embrace the mess, then you’ll have less stress. Consider the risk, and be spontaneous like your younger days. Take the leap.

Fourth, about relationship

I learned *A LOT* from people around me this year. I learned first hand that not all of them are genuine. Friendship and/or relationship need 2 hands to clap. You can’t be the only one, always, making effort. It’s hard to let go at first, but I think it’s necessary to move on. But, through that journey, I also find gems. The people who genuinely care about you. There are 2 types of people will come to your life, to care about you and to teach you something.

Lesson to note: trust with caution. Don’t afraid to open up first. Reach out. Be warm. Be genuine.

Lastly, about priorities.

There was a quote in Pinterest sometime ago, since tumblr and Pinterest had owned my souls for the past 2 months, that if you’re not willing to change, don’t complain about the situation you’re in. Sometime I dragged myself to take action, but I kept complaining about it. You’re not a tree, do something.

While there are few things had been bugging me, some are milder than the rest. And again, I repeat the mantra that don’t rush it. Take it easy. Do it one thing at a time.

Lesson to note: there will be time for everything. Things may seem to fall apart, but it allows right piece to come at the right place.

So, that’s it! Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year. May the force always be with you.

Luffy Christmas

Thank you 2017. You’re great. Thanks for all the life lessons, friendships and adventure.

Hope 2018 will be kind to me. I’ll be at your care. 2018年よろしくお願いしますね。