To be a neighborhood Spider-Man 

Have you watched Spider-Man? Do you like it? 

This post might have some references to the movie so, spoiler ahead. I’m actually not a big fan of Spider-Man, but I saw a lot of positive reviews from my friends. So, I decided to give it a go. (*ahem* at least I can see RDJ) 

Overall, it’s very enjoyable to watch this Spider-Man movie. So, here are the 3 key things I learned from it

1. I’m nothing without the suit

I watched a video sometime ago in my Facebook feed. I can’t recall which friends shared it. It was about attachment to things which could, to a certain extent, give us more power or confidence to do things. 

But if you just believe to it without doing anything, it’s like you’re going to take a test without studying and just doing the “rituals”.

I’m sure that Peter has some skills, but he becomes too reliant to the suit from Tony Stark. However his sense of justice is bigger than his worry about not having the suit, so he still go to catch the bad guy. With his own skills. 

2. Having a sidekick

At first he’s adamant when his friend asked to be his sidekick, but in the end, he gave in. 

To me, sidekick is someone who not only help you when you’re in a pinch, but also someone who can say the difficult things you don’t want to hear but you have to. 

3. I’ll be the neighborhood Spider-Man

After having “internship” with Avengers, Peter is eager to contribute more than just his neighborhood safe keeper. 

So he’s determined to proof it to Tony by proactively doing rounds catching the thugs after school and at some points, sacrifice his school. But in the end, he realized that trust takes time. 

This reminds me about my recent experience, that I was having “I can do more” and “are you underestimating me?” moment. I think I should concentrate on what’s in front of me and do it to my very best. And there is a time for everything. 
The main lesson is at the end of the scene, where capt made appearance. Did you manage to see him? :p

It’s about patience.