The art of waiting

I don't always dislike waiting, because it actually allows me to read or play games while waiting. What I don't really enjoy is the outcome of waiting.
For example, you're in line for getting rare merchandise or limited food quantity for quite some time and when your turn is up, you don't manage to get it.
While some people have more patience, I find myself on the impatient side.
Can you wait patiently? Or you like to move fast?

I can be indecisive as well and I tried to be more decisive by giving answer quicker.
My boss on the other hand is a patient guy. He likes to tell me, don't need to give the answer now, think over it and let me know by <time frame>.
I know I won't have luxury to do this for every single situation because there are urgent situation where the decision need to be made on the spot.
So I told myself, it's okay to wait. It's okay to take more time for you to make decision.
And if it doesn't turn out like what we want, there is always next time, or other occasion or way to get it.