When you’re a little lost, it’s time to listen more

I was watching “Hotel Honnouji” by Ayase Haruka and Shinichi Tsutsumi about Nobunaga Oda. 

I was thinking how many movies about time travel and related to him I had watched before. But I find that each movie was focusing on different things.

The female character was a little lost about what she’s going to do next after her company went bankrupt. And she went to Kyoto to see her fiancée who always busy with his work. The purpose was to meet his parents and do some wedding preparations.

There were few memorable lines from the movie was when she was having conversation with Nobunaga Oda. But these two were my favorite: 

1. When she said, she has no big dream to fulfill like him

Big or small, who decides that? Isn’t it “are you going to do it or not” more important.

2. When she said, it’s impossible for her because she’s not special 

Who decides it’s impossible or not. People said it’s impossible because no one has been doing it before, right? 

I have moments when I wasn’t sure what I want to do in life like the heroine in this movie. There were a few occasions when I was having yearly/quarterly meeting with my manager for career development I weren’t able to answer what do I like to do in next 3-5 years. 

Now, I know better what I want to do, and I need to have more courage to say that I’m going to do it. Because back then, the disappointment was haunting me, how about if I can’t get it. 

But if I never do it, I definitely won’t get it. So, do it and fail if necessary, then move on. 

One thing I’m glad I did it was to listen to different people’s story. What’s their life journey to reach that stage, how they decided this is what I’m going to do and so on. Some people just get it early and some, like me, get it later.