A LIVE (Pt 2)


If you fail to realize your value, isn’t it because you didn’t acknowledge it

That’s what the main character told the other lead, after hearing that his justification why he behaved that way and did many things because he wants to be recognize by the people around him.

It struck me because I tend to think that we need acknowledgement from other people to prove that we are good. (don’t you think so?)

As a kid, I always think I’m not doing good enough because looking at my classmates, they have talent in playing piano, or sports. I felt so normal.

As time passed by, I learned that as long I did my best and I had fun, then it’s enough. Even ordinary people has a role. To balance out the dynamics.

It’s good though to hear people, sincerely, about us. How they feel about us. When we hear it, sometimes to my surprise, it’s something that I never thought of. I felt it’s not a big deal for me, but it really matters for them. When we spend times with someone a lot, sometimes we take them for granted too.

So, let’s this week, I’m dedicating this to treasure the relationship I have with people and let’s give a pat to ourselves and say, you’re doing well.