Not good enough

Me and procrastination seems always a good friend.

I want to post something and procrastinator-me will say, do you have time to write a good blog? You usually have little patience to compose a post with good flow, have you thought of the title, and many other questions.

Yes, the procrastinator-me sounds like me at work when dealing with projects. I have a series of check list which I usually ask my colleagues to ensure the project can be done properly.

The procrastinator-me is perfectionist. If I can’t deliver the best, it will be a shame.  Why you deliver half baked blog post, no one cares about your thought. Too many people have poured their thought in the Internet, right?

Until I read a blog post in LinkedIn that you should still blogging although no one reads it.

Which reminds me of my old posts, wow, I can wrote like that or seems my younger me is wiser than my current me. (ha!)

I had wordpress app in my iPhone, but the thought that the blog post will be pushed to other social media channels scares me, how about it’s not good enough for the readers? Isn’t it easy, write it in your computer. And there will be another excuses not to do it.

So, the blog post which I saw in “What’s inspire me” section is a kind reminder that I used to be happy and didn’t care so much about the result of my blog. Whether people like it, whether there is traffic to it, or whether there is comment about it.

Maybe, as I grow older I care too much about what people say about me? Well, I think I cope fairly well to deal with criticism in real life but maybe not so much in online world..

So, rather than put a stop on doing things you like; blogging, running, singing or doing nothing, just do it. There will always be voices to say, it’s not good enough. Take it with open mind, if we think it will make us do better, keep it. If not, just chuck it away.

Do you have experience about this too?