Lessons from Yokai Watch Wib Wob

I know what may come to your mind. “Seriously? Why you’re playing a kid game?”

Almost everyone I know is into Pokemon Go these days, and so do I. I was looking for some distractions from my Pokemon Go because I was so addicted to it and to the point which I became obsessed with it.

One day I was discussing next 2020 Olympic in Japan with a friend after watching the the closing ceremony clip. Mr. Abe was in the movie with Mario, Doraemon and other famous characters. There wasn’t any mentions of Yokai Watch in the clips but we know that it’s a big hit in Japan now. So, my curiosity about Yokai Watch ignited..

The more I play the game, the more I withdrawn to it, and here are some of the key points I learned while playing the game:

A. Build a strong skill set

Below is my fave formation at this moment, I use them a lot. Their level is the highest, and they are my A-team.

So, keep sharpening your best.

Best team

B. Grow your skill set with others too

Meanwhile I have less favourite team which I still groom and use occasionally. Why? Because each class has different skill set and each of them has different effectiveness against different group.

You may not know that the new skills you learned will be helpful to what you have known.

Backup team

C. It’s okay not to ace all missions. I visit some past missions to fill in the gap. But my aim is to move forward.


D. Reward and celebrate milestones


E. And keep updating your milestone. It doesn’t have to be a big jump from the previous one. It can be small too. It’s a checklist to motivate us.

Incremental Build

So, I see a lot of similarities between the game engine to what happened in real life. Thanks to this, I feel inspired again.

PS: I’m watching the anime too. The simpleness attracts me and I learn more about Japanese words through the Yokai name. #geragerapo