One Piece Songs: side note

走り出せ 走り出せ 誰よりもその先へ
Start running, start running, Up ahead, more than anyone else

逃げ出さなければ 明日をつかめるんだ
If we don’t run away, We can grasp ahold of tomorrow

僕はなぜ さがしてるんだろう 何がほしいんだろう
Why am I searching? What is it I want?

The answer is surely somewhere ahead

動き出す世界の中へ ココロして行くよ
My heart will go on to the moving world

I LOVE One Piece, I read almost all the chapters, have “few” toys (ahem) but only recent event (One Piece Run Singapore) made me in love their anime opening songs. I hardly watched the anime despite I watch the movie.

These 2 songs are what I played most often lately, well, on top of “We Are!”.