DOCTORS 3 The Ultimate Surgeon: side note


When it’s painful, say it’s painful. You don’t need to endure it. It’s OK. There will be someone around to help you. Sagara Kousuke.

日本語題名: DOCTORS 3 最強の名医. Related title: DOCTORS Saikyou no Mei Ii

I came to watch this because recently I finished 偽装の夫婦 (Eng title: Fake Couple) which 沢村一揆 (Sawamura Ikki) playing an unusual role to see in J-Dorama with 天海祐希 (Amami Yuki).

During my Lunar New Year break in my hometown, I decided to have a J-drama-thon and DOCTORS 2 & 3 are some of the titles I completed.

This Sagara Kousuke character made a comment about his colleague, which I find it somewhat familiar to my recent situation (pft~!)

  • If you praise him, he gets cocky.
  • If you scold him, he sulks.
  • If you flatter him, he gets carried away.

The 3rd sentence sounds similar to the first one, but it actually said in different words. I guess there is translation lost.