Learning from the past

One of the best tips I learned recently is from a PMP book from Head First series. The best way to learn and remember what we learned is by repeating same thing in a different way. 

Which brought me to a feature from Facebook, called “memory” which tells you what happened to you at today’s date but in the past.  

I found it annoying at first because of the notification but I become liking it. Why? 

Because it reminds me about something that I had learned. Sometimes life gives us different form of challenge but it’s actually a reminder for us about the same thing. 

And I realized that most of the times, it’s not something new new that I never experience before. It’s something that I had experienced before but it comes to me in newer format or slightly more difficult (we must not always get easy things, right? We need to level up!!)

So, what has came to you recently that you had experienced before? Do you have similar experience?