To be a fitter me

When I started to jog, I can only run for 2km. And I was super tired. I told myself, man, I don’t have the stamina to jog or jogging/running related activities is not suitable for me. 

On good days, I ran 2km or 5 laps of running tracks. But I told myself to run at least 3 laps and don’t walk. 

I hardly able to go beyond that distance. Either shorter or just meet 2km nicely. 

So, this story reminds me something. Well besides how unfit I was. 
I found this similar to what happened to me lately. When I feel a road block (ah this thing is not what I want), I tend to go back to things I’m familiar with (this is what I like to do). 

The stages are:

1. Good, at least now I know what I don’t like to do

2. It’s perfectly NORMAL to shrink up. 

3. If the challenge or road block is too huge and scare you, go back and face it when you’re ready. Most of the times, it’s not as huge as what we thought. 

4. Smile and laugh. When you’re smiling or laughing after you knocked your head, it feels less painful. 

After overcoming the challenge, our “muscle” will be fitter, or level up, and when similar event happened, we will be able to take it easy. That’s the loop, right?

What do you think?