Is it wrong?

Doing the right thing doesn’t necessarily mean right.

Because as a doer we always think that what we do is the right thing.

Doing the wrong thing doesn’t necessarily mean wrong.
Sometimes you need to do wrong to realize what’s right.

That’s what my swimming coach told us last Wednesday. He explained when you’re in the water, it’s easy to lose the sense of direction and movement.

You need someone to help you to see and point where you do wrong.

Or need a coach or a mentor.

And here is the story behind it.

When someone told us it’s wrong and asked us to do the right thing, we will think that it’s wrong or strange because we are not used to it.

So, coach told us to do something without telling us right or wrong and asked “How does it feel?”

Most of the time we will say, doesn’t feel right, or feel strange etc. He explained that the action he told us to do was actually the action we did it unconsciously. He was merely putting a word or description of our action.

After we feel it’s wrong, he will tell us how to do the right thing.

Do you have similar experience? Or what do you think?