That’s the title of a manga I’m reading right now.

The heroine of the story, Miyuki is a tennis prodigy, capable of beating one of the top tennis players in Japan even while when out of practice. She has a pure heart and is devoted to her family above all else, but her desperation and the schemes of those around her quickly give her a terrible reputation as a “bad girl of tennis”. She lost the Cinderella Cup to her rival Choko. (wiki)

Lots of times she has to suffer because of her rival does different sort of tricks to bring her down. Yet, she always see it positively.

Frustration is good. If you don’t get frustrated when you’re lose, then you won’t win afterwards – 海野 幸 Umino Miyuki

Looking at Miyuki-chan fighting hard inspires me to do better too. Or see things from different angle.

Which reminds me what my course trainer told us on the last session. “It’s okay to fail, but make sure you remember the experience and learn from it.”

Okiku-san, the debt, my siblings, they were *ALL* I could think about. Those things aren’t tennis. It wasn’t until the match was *over* that I finally realised. I wasn’t playing tennis.

Most of the times, I gave too much thought or worried too much when I was doing something. And only realised that I should gave all I have, don’t think about the result.

The author is Urasawa Naoki (浦沢 直樹) who is famous for 20th Century Boys, 21th Century Boys, Master Keaton and many more.