A good ride

Because life is better with friends
Ever since I’m into cycling almost a year ago, I think I’ve been transitioning to a new series of sports activities, which includes swimming.

What I really like is, I feel so good after exercise (which is obvious) and recently, there is another sensation tingling. Addicted to exercise. (ha~!)

Well, it’s surprised me since I’m a couch potato and otaku. :p I didn’t think that I can cross the bridge to the other side of me.

Another benefit is my binge eating is somehow lesser too. Or I’d say, I’m more conscious about it. I still eat it sometimes.

I had changed mind set too.. I used to think that to look for a friend to do sports together is hard and troublesome. So I’d rather exercise alone, like running. I’m not the type of person who like to run and talk anyway.
Well, surprise..~! When my colleagues from overseas were here, some of us went jogging and I’m still managed to run up and down and still able to talk too. Well, of course depending on the speed of your run too. I used to not able to do it. :p

Well, although it’s hard, but having friends that as crazy as you actually will keep you on track longer.

It’s a good ride, in a journey called life, for the last 6 months.

How about you?