What if..

Imagine below situation in your daily life:

  • I plan to cycle tomorrow morning, what if it’s going to rain?
  • I’m thinking to go swimming, what if it’s too sunny and I’ll get sunburn?
  • I’m going to have a test, what if I fail?

And guess what, often, the “what if” scenario which I thought of didn’t happen.

Which reminds me, Ajahn Brahm used to say, why keep thinking what if things go wrong. What if things go right? *smirk*

There are many things which is unpredictable like weather but there are things which can be quite obvious, for example if you don’t study at all, it can be quite tough to pass a test. (Or still be possible if you are super genius?) 😀

Any similar situation happened to you before? Did your what if scenario happen? Or something else happened?

PS: I think I’ll go ahead with my original plan to exercise even if the weather forecast said the chance of rain is 100%. (I’ve been tricked 2x so far) (ha!)