Expectation (Pt 2)

I was supposed to get this out last week, but I was expecting great idea will come out from my head. As a result, nothing comes out. 

Or maybe this sounds familiar too: “isn’t it obvious that you can’t tell this information to A. You’re expected to know it.”

When I think or expect that other people will know about something or do something, it often ends the other way around, and it makes me upset or frustrated. 

Don’t you think so? 

Recently, I came across to this awesome quote 

Expect nothing, appreciate everything

So I told myself, to do this simple check

  1. Never assume/expect that other people will know what we want.
  2. Always ask. Never ask, you’ll never know
  3. Things which seems natural to you may not necessarily understand by other people. So don’t need to get upset when they don’t 

PS: when I scrolled through my blog, I found that I published a short post about expectation last year. Seems like I need to get reminder 😉

And yes, I still owe one more post for this week