When is your peak?

I read an interview from a K-Pop group, BIGBANG, in one of the fan site.

What BIGBANG members think about their peak.

“To a certain extent, it′s correct to set a peak, but we believe that we might have already passed our peak or that another peak may come. Because of that, we wondered if there was a reason to decide when our peak is,” said G-Dragon and Taeyang.

“If we wanted to be like Michael Jackson, we wouldn′t be able to feel the satisfaction in our situation now. We don′t want to do that. Instead of setting a limit and reaching for it, I believe there is a better thing out there if we go without deciding on anything.”

Sometimes I feel so challenged. You probably know that challenges come to you at the same time, most of the time, right?

So I decided, whenever I feel challenged, I’ll just take it as I’m climbing my new peak.

Things happens for a reason

About a chance in front of your eyes that about to slip away from you.

It’s vexing, really. But, will you regret it if the better one comes after? I’ve experienced rejections and had some unsuccessful projects. Sometimes I’m scared to start a new one too. However, my inner self seems craved for it, so I’ll still go and do it again.

Avoided the things which stopped me before but dealt with a new one.

That’s how we learn isn’t?