Push me, pull me and drag me

For the first time in my entire exercise days (aha!) I started to enjoy exercising with friends.

I mean sports like cycling or running. I’m a slow runner because I don’t have stamina (or that’s what I always think) so, I don’t like when running with friends because first, you can’t run and talk at the same time. (Well unless you’re running suupeer slow) Second, I hate to have the feeling that I’m holding other people.

Well, until recently. I can see it in different light. (*rolled eyes*)

Couple of colleagues and I registered for a triathlon in August. Yeap, a tri! I can’t believe it too. But if I don’t do it, I won’t have target to aim at, right. (I registered the “kid” category)

During one of our practice, it somehow gave me a push to pedal harder to chase my friend. It was super fun!!

Train alone is fun, because you can have your me time but when you have someone train with you, it enables you to push yourself harder. For people behind, like me, it makes us to give our best. For people in front maybe it’s a little bit lonely to be alone in front, but it motivates them not to be taken over too. The person behind gives them a check.

Or, so that’s what I thought now. What do you think?

So, we started a group chat, to share resources, started to train, to push each other.

PS: I need to improve my stamina, still.