Do your best

We often heard do your best but how do we really do our best? This came into my mind after I listened to a podcast series.

The podcast channel name is Strangers and my boss recommended this podcast to me. We listened to it on our way back to office and I became hooked into it since.

After listening to this, I asked myself that when did the last time I put all my effort into? I think sometime last year? But, if I reflect back, I did it much less as in compared to my younger days. :p

I feel that I’ve been giving excuses to myself to take it easy. To all of the stuffs. It seems I can’t find the balance what are the things I should give it all or when I should take it easy.

Also, about being a worrywart. (pretty similar like the host too) worrying about work when I’m at home and thinking about home while I’m at work. I should’ve just thinking that I am blessed with a lot of things and do my parts to keep all beings to be happy.

Here is the episode I listened to. Jenni, Now.