You can’t teach old dogs new trick, really?

You must have heard about that saying right? What do you think?

Yesterday there was an event organised by our company Human Resource department and I attended a sharing session by a senior who had been working for 30 over years.

I learned few good things from that sharing session. So, let me sharing those with you in this post.

1. About that one, you can’t teach old dogs new trick. He said that first of all, we are not dogs. And, what we are going to learn is not a trick. So, don’t believe that saying.

2. He told us that he has a motto, “I’m overpaid and underwork”. He will always look for what are the other things that he can do to make difference outside his original scope. So, in his 30 over years he always learn 30 over new things.

I usually heard about “I’m underpaid and overwork”, so when I heard about it, it took me for awhile to digest them.

I think his messages were quite impactful especially his session was one of the early session before lunch time. So his talk inspires me to find my path too.