Learning from our younger self

I like putting my thought into something; I draw or write almost on any medium and most of the time I didn’t realise it until the time I need to tidy up my stuffs.

One of my favourite activities when I go back to my hometown is to find my old notes and read it. I find it interesting, not only because I wrote them in English as a practice (you can imagine how bad it was) but also the stories that I wrote during that time. (sometimes you’ll surprise with our younger self)

Or sometimes I read the old post in this blog.

Now in the digital era, that habit doesn’t seem to die off because I kept them in different apps. Trying to find the best app which can work like how I want them to work.

What about you? Do you keep a journal?

The reason I find it motivating, to a certain extent, when I read my past notes is I remind me that how silly or childish I am over something. But, sometimes I feel that in younger days, I can think more objectively or act fearlessly that my current self. (isn’t it obvious, d’uh)

So, the bottom line is those notes are reminder. It’s our footprints.

But, not all people like to write diary. Then those group won’t have something that they can reflect back?


I’m pretty sure that everyone has some documents or emails or past work which they still keep at some point. Maybe your project proposal or maybe some working files.

Do you keep a journal? Or do you like to just live the present to the fullest?

PS: And here is my new weapon which will help me to scribble more.. 😀