My JLPT N2 result – 日本語能力試験N2の結果

I saw my friend’s post about the test result and I was, dang, is it the time to check the online result already?

And here is mine


Yes, I fail the test.

I didn’t pass the individual band passing score for reading (man.. I should say I’m lucky? That I didn’t get 0. I need to read more and don’t be a lazy reader Kartika; read it throughly) and grammar. (Which I don’t surprise because I still rely on my imiwa? app a lot) ^_^!

So, here are my takeaways from this experience:

1. Start early for the preparation study. Last year I enrolled myself to a intensive 11 weeks prep course because I didn’t know how to study for a test.
How early I should start my prep? I work based on my past N3 result and work backwards, adjusting it with my work load and my activities.
(But I think I was too generous with myself, so maybe next time should put them slightly tighter :p)

2. Readiness. I didn’t plan to take this test last year, because I know I still have long way to catch up. But, I saw there was enough time for the preparation. So I decided, let’s just take it. I will be able to find out which area I need to work on whatever the result is.

3. Peer support. I have my classmates as my support since 2 of them took it a year earlier. They shared their experience in which area I should pay more attention and so on.

4. Read more. Although I started reading manga in Japanese, I skipped the words I don’t understand and fill in or guess it according to the context. But, I didn’t go back to it and check if my understanding is correct. (Sometimes I wrote the whole text into a notebook and put a note on the words I don’t understand) maybe I’ll get a book of words commonly used in manga at the end of the year ha..!

This test sounds like I planned it to fail eh? Haha..!

Well, I feel a little sad knowing it, after all I studied for it, because I restrained myself not too “play” too much and so on. When I took my N3, I told myself that this will be the test I’m going to take because of the time and effort to study. But, after found out that I pass my N3 (although borderline) I was so happy and I was thinking, let’s do N2. The test gives me a purpose to study more on top of the one I’m learning from class. (I actually kinda miss the rhythm now.) Otherwise, I’ll spend my time more on watching too many drama.

Lastly, I hope you won’t be scared about failing a test..! And I’ll pass my next test.