I’m bored..! but wait there is something behind it

Does that ring a bell to you? Do you feel bored from time to time? (Hope it’s not all the time) tee hee..

I’m actually having post holiday blue, that’s the reason this week post is published slightly later than usual. But it’s a promise to myself that I’ll blog regularly, publish an article once a week, share my learning or inspiration week by week.

So this week topic is about boredom.

I came to this article last week.

I never came across that boredom can be a push factor for creativity. I thought that you need to some inspiration, then we should look at other creative works to stimulate our idea.

After reading it, I did a quick search and found another blog about the same topic (and if you googled you’ll stumble to few articles)

The time I work super efficient was when I was bored. The more bored I was, the more tasks I can complete. I didn’t realise that, this was the effect of the boredom, after I embraced “it”. For example, in one fine day, I’ll be able to do these: updating blog, updating the template or planning something for my blog and so on.

Then on the not so boring day, I actually just work following my plan or maybe do some tweaks. The plan I created during those really saves me.

How I wish I read the article earlier (that’s why I need to read more too) and get myself bored more often (ha!). What do you think? Did this happen to you too?