Habit? Or is it not?

This week post is inspired after I read this post.

“Decoy Habit” term is new to me but after reading the post, I feel that it is actually this had happened to me quite often in the past. They are sitting inside my reminder list yet I snoozed it off from time to time.

Do you have similar experience?

I observed that mostly the reason I snoozed it is, the item was too big and I felt intimidated. A.k.a procrastinator. It really irritated me at some points so I learned to be better, by building some plans. (yes, I made more than one plan).

By breaking it down, it look smaller and make it more achievable. (#point 1)


Start somewhere

Generally, I don’t have any issue to create a new habit and adopt it. The challenge is getting rid of it, if the habit I built is part of ticking my bucket list. After doing it for some time, I became in-love with it. So, at the end of the day, I’m piling up habits (point #2)

While writing this, I’m thinking that I still have long way to go to learn, if I’m still “intimidated” by the new habit which I want to do and balance out which one to keep.