Becoming champion at work

Happy Lunar New Year.!
Hope you have a great time with your family and loved ones. And hopefully we have great prosperous year ahead.

So, in midst of this festive season, here is this week short inspiration for our mind. Check this post.

When you hear about being a pro, what does the first thing come to your mind? For me, it’s my work.

Someone told me when I entered the workforce for my first time that things may get tough, when that happened, his mantra was “work is just a work”. Do you think so?

What is the definition of tough though?

The work that we do can be tough when it doesn’t fit with our personality.

That article mentioned that each job or role has some traits which suit different personality and we need to be able to identify those. Otherwise, it will be somewhat more challenging to become pro in what we do. What do you think?